We want everyone to have easy access to a healthier life through juicing. Our bodies need vital nutrients to function at its best. La Juiceria provides a convenient way to meet those requirements. Whether it’s ordering our cold-pressed raw juices or cleanse packages, or buying a juicer to make it at home with your family, or simply joining the community to learn recipes and tips, La Juiceria is here for you. Start your juicing lifestyle. Juice on!

La Juiceria

La Juiceria Announcement
Our Recycle Campaign on 8th June 2019 will be cancelled due to Raya Holidays. Join the next Recycle Campaign on 13th July 2019, 9am – 5p.m. at La Juiceria, Hartamas. 

La Juiceria Juices

We make handcrafted,
cold-pressed juices that are raw,
unpasteurized from 100%
pure fruits & vegetables
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Why Juice Cleanses

More energy.
Flatter stomach.
Boost immunity.
Improve digestion.
Better skin.
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Our Slow Juicers

Hurom or Kuvings Slow Juicers
are not like your typical juicer.
It uses an auger-like screw
to squeeze the fruits and vegetables.
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