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Stay Healthy during the Holidays & 2019!

2018 has come to an end! The best chance to spend time with your family and friends is during the school holidays. As much as we look forward to parties, dinners and holiday trips, many of us are secretly on a guilt trip because we are too conscious about possibly weight gaining. Talking about the holidays and healthy eating, here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy diet during this holiday season.

The first tip is to not skip meal especially your breakfast. When you have an occasion to attend at night, it is not a good idea to save your appetite for the party or dinner as it may result in you overeating. Weight control always works best when you consume the right number of calories recommended for your body in a day. You have less control over the portion of food during the party especially while socialising. It is better to distribute your meal wisely, so that you will be able to control your calorie intake. Research shows that those who consume breakfast have a high tendency to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Additionally, eating breakfast will help to maintain your metabolism level during the day to ensure all food intake is digested well.

Holiday meals are always served in a large portion, from buffet-style, pot luck and generous catering orders that will tempt you to eat more. The second tip to overcome this is to always eat in small portions and only choose the food you really want to try and taste. A common mistake is to eat a large portion of food that is perceived as healthy. Even though you are not to finish the slice of cake, please remember that all nutrient-dense food also has calories that need to be controlled by taking them in moderation. One of the good practices to maintain small portions is to choose the high-fibre food as a starter like salad, wholemeal sandwich, and crackers to fill up the stomach.

     There are many strategies that we can practice in order to control our food intake. To encourage a proper portion size, we can use smaller plates to allow you to put less food each time. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite of the food and before you proceed with another meal, ask yourself whether you are still hungry or not. Salad or any high-fibre food is always the best option for starters and avoid overeating dessert by choosing the most delicious option served than consuming all the selections. Be careful with the colourful sweet drinks on the table as well and have plenty of plain water to increase the satiety with lower calorie.

During your holiday, keep moving by doing as much physical activities as you can.  Any physical activity will help burn the calories and maintain your healthy lifestyle. You can have an evening walk with your family, jogging, hiking or play any sports during the holidays.

La Juiceria wishes Happy New Year 2019 to all our supporting customers as we continue our dream to become the healthiest platform for the community by serving delicious, healthy food and fresh cold-pressed juices. Have a great healthy journey and welcome 2019!

Pink October – Breast Cancer Awareness

Its October! we at La Juiceria continuously promote a healthy lifestyle and strive to serve you healthy food in town. In conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, have you heard about carcinogenic food? How to avoid in having a risk of cancer? On this awareness month, it’s good to feed a knowledge on several things related to this disease.

Breast cancer awareness is a yearly campaign that intended to educate people about the importance of getting to know more about breast cancer especially on early detection, stages, test, treatment and more. This annual campaign starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st with much activities that focusing on education and donation.


Cancer is a wide term for a class of diseases categorized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy body cells. For breast cancer, it starts with the cells of the breast as a group of cancer cells that can then assault surrounding tissues. When cancer cells travel to other parts of the body and starts damaging other tissues and organs, the process is called metastasis.

Some cancer risk factors, such as genetics and environment, are out of our control, but based on research, about 70% of your lifetime risk of cancer is within our control to change, including our diet. The best initiative to preventing cancer is by avoiding cigarettes, limiting alcohol intake, aiming a healthy weight range, and practice a regular exercise. Living in a multicultural country might be a challenge in terms of choosing food as we tend to consume varieties of ingredient and cooking style that lead to carcinogenic. To be much careful on choosing food that can reduce risk of cancer is a part of our vital role.

Anything that we eat can have a powerful effect on our health, including to provide us a risk of cancer. There is certain food that need to avoid for cancer prevention which is a food that contain carcinogen. Carcinogen is a substance that can promote carcinogenesis, a formation process of cancer. Food tend to become carcinogenic through high temperature cooking and through method of cooking like grilling or barbecuing. This food commonly found at street food like satay, skewers, fried food using recycled cooking oil and fried processed food like nugget and sausage. Though most of the food listed are not good for us, there are certain dietary habits that can have a major influence on our risk. For example, eating a traditional Mediterranean diet that rich in fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil can lower your risk for a variety of common cancers, including breast cancer.

In one day, for healthy people need to take at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. Having an adequate number of vitamins and mineral from fruits and vegetables are proven to lower risk of cancer. In addition, those food also is a source of fibre which are good for our body system. Not a fan of veggies? Not a frequent fruits eater? As this healthy option was not easy to comply, this is what La Juiceria works for, to provide good food and drinks that can solve this matter. If you don’t eat, drink it! Our cold-pressed juices have enough mixed of fruits and vegetables to satisfy your daily benefit like vitamins, minerals and fibre need. Before its too late, we need to fuel up our body with something that could protect us from any unwanted exposure especially carcinogen. You also can enjoy eating fruits in a creative way by turn it into a glass of smoothie or a smoothie bowl. In La Juiceria Superfoods, we do have two options of a superfood smoothie bowl which are – Acai Berry Bowl and Pitaya Bowl. These two fancies yet healthy bowl really throw out a bad impression towards healthy food that could be presenting not tasteful and unsatisfying. Our smoothie bowl was made 100% using frozen fruits with a base of our Almond Mylk without added ice. Acai Berry and Pitaya (also known as Dragon fruit) has antioxidant effect that help to fight cancer.

If your family members have a history of cancer, making a small change to your diet and lifestyle which can make a big difference to your long-term health. Those that already been diagnosed with cancer, keep eating a nutritious diet can help to support mood and strengthen your body during this challenging time. Stay healthy and be happy!

World Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian is related to someone that does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes a certain animal product especially for moral, religion or health purpose. People might confuse on the issue of being vegetarian with the consumption of animal product like dairy and egg. Vegetarian itself was categorised into certain group which is ovo-vegetarian (able to consume egg, but not dairy), lacto-vegetarian (able to consume dairy, but not egg) and lacto-ovo-vegetarian (able to consume both egg and dairy). Being a vegetarian still can practise a healthy balance diet as most plant-based food range contain all nutrients that we need.

October 1st is observed annually to be a World Vegetarian Day with establishment by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977. The celebrations aiming to promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism. Commonly this is to provide exposure and awareness towards the ethical, environmental, and health benefits in vegetarian lifestyle. This awareness campaign will run in a month by initiates from October and ends with November 1st as the World Vegan Day. A vegan diet excludes all animal products, including eggs and dairy. Some vegans also avoid other animal products such as honey, animal tested baking soda, leek and sometimes, beside eating, they will avoid in leather or silk clothing, and goose-fat shoe polish.

At La Juiceria Superfoods, besides we provide a vegetarian and vegan option for Malaysian, we also supporting Meatless Monday as an initiative to promote better health. This campaign was introduced in United States of America with a nutrition guideline developed by its agriculture department, USDA. Monday always a good start for our daily routine, and by being a vegetarian or go meatless on Monday is to prompt our community to start your week in a healthy way. We are offering 20% discount for Buddha Bowl and Power Protein Bowl every Monday in a way of concerning people to start their day happily and healthy.

Talking about how vegetarian relate to health, studies observe varied effects on mortality. One review found a decreased number on overall risk of all-cause mortality which is cancer and heart disease. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have stated that a properly planned vegetarian diet is healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provides health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Vegetarian diets have been shown to prevent and treat gallstones, heart disease, kidney disease, control blood pressure and sugar level in our body. Rationale on this is when you get enough fibre intake that can improve insulin sensitivity and improve immune system. High fibre food can promote satiety which lead you to overcome hunger and helps in reduce weight.

Vegetarian meal could be interesting as most of the plant-based food are colourful and so beneficial to our body functions. Having a healthy-concept café like La Juiceria Superfoods is convenient enough for you to choose your meal as we provide a Build-Your-Own Gourmet Salad. There is no such thing that we can’t get enough protein intake by choosing to be vegetarian as there are several selections that has adequate amount of protein from plant source of food like chickpeas, tofu, dhal, quinoa and others. Right after eating, you can choose any of your favourite cold-pressed juices which are made from a mix of fruits and veggies. This kind of vegetarian vibes gives you a positive thought of being a hero in eating healthy, love environment and shows much concern on animals.

Alternatively Healthy – Ketogenic Diet!

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life but the journey towards a healthy lifestyle is a choice one has to make for themselves. Most diet regimes mainly focuses in losing body weight. There should be another healthy reason for people to focus on by practising a specific type of diet. Ketogenic diet was originally introduced in 1920 and recently getting more attention due to its effectiveness. In this diet, an individual consumes a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate with the ratio 5:1 of fat over carbohydrate.

The ketogenic or also known as “keto diet” becomes more popular as more people recognize its benefits for reaching their health and fitness goals. In medicine, this diet applies primarily to treat refractory epilepsy in children. The purpose of this diet is to force the body into a fat-burning state instead of carbohydrates for fuel. Normally, all the carbohydrate food will be converted into glucose which is transported around the body and particularly in sourcing brain-function. When there is an absent of carbohydrate, our body starts burning fats to use it as energy. The breakdown of fats in the liver produces ketones and fatty acids in the process known as Ketosis.

The main practised in Keto diet is to limit your carbohydrates intake derived mostly from vegetables, nuts, and dairy. All refined carbohydrates such as wheat (bread, pasta, cereals), starchy vegetables (potatoes, beans, corn) or fruits should be avoided. The small exceptions on fruits are avocado, star fruit, and berries which can be consumed in moderation due to its low sugar content. Do eat more protein, leafy vegetables, dairy products and fats products like olive oil, butter, keto friendly salad dressing and cream. There are variation of keto meals that can be easily prepared such as scrambled eggs with cheese, roast chicken, gourmet salad and meals that is low in carbohydrate. Anywhere between 20-30g of carbohydrate is recommended for your daily diet, but the lower you keep your carbohydrate intake and glucose levels, the better, the results will be. If your main goal with keto diet is for weight loss, it’s a good idea to keep track of your total carbohydrate intake. Just follow the nutrient intake which should be around 70% fats, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrate.

Getting to know the metabolic process in our body, through this breakdown of macronutrients, you be able to change how the body uses energy. To understand the breakdown of macronutrients process, it is important to know how the body uses energy in the first place. First, a diet high in carbohydrate especially refined and processed sources from low-fat diet products can increase insulin and blood sugar levels and also promote inflammation in the body. In contrast, a low carbohydrate diet can also help reduce inflammation far better than a low-fat diet. Secondly, saturated fat is not shown to be harmful within the context of a low carbohydrate diet. It helps to improve cholesterol levels, including increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol while decreasing total triglyceride levels in a body. Both mechanism can lead to good heart health and show better improvement in blood pressure over other diets. Some blood pressure issues are associated with excess weight, which is an advantage since keto tends to lead to weight loss.

A range of 20-50 grams of carbohydrate intake per day is ideal for most individuals.  Some can go as high as 100 grams per day to stay in ketosis state. To determine the protein consumption, you need to consider your body composition, ideal weight, gender, height and activity level. Too much protein intake can obstruct ketosis process. To avoid the breakdown of protein into glucose, you need to avoid eating more than 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of your lean body mass. In this diet, calorie counting is not required, nor should it be necessary. When you consume a high fat food, it is more satiating than by taking a high carbohydrate food.

Generally, the benefits of this diet are that you can get more reliable energy source and feel more energized during the day. Fats are shown to be the most effective molecule to burn as fuel and naturally more satisfying with longer satiated state. Keto naturally lowers blood sugar levels due to the type of food you consume. It is also good as it increases the mental performance because of the fatty acids produced during ketosis which have impacting benefits to brain function. A part of all the benefits listed above, keto diet is popular for weight loss due to its fat burning effect from the low-carbohydrate intake.


When you are in Keto diet, you are the best coach for yourself as you are the only one that will know what you should take and avoid. If you are not a good cook or always in a hurry, worry not and just feel free to drop by La Juiceria Superfoods to customise your own gourmet salad! Mixed salad leaves, kale or romaine salad are the best choice for the base. You can have anything for the protein category. For mains, watch out for starchy vegetables and dried fruits like roasted sweet potatoes, croutons, roasted pumpkin, sweet corn, raisins, beetroot and tortilla chips as all of these contributes sugar to your meal. The high-fat selections in the supplementary category are beef bacon bits, feta cheese, cashew nuts, parmesan cheese, avocado peas mash and chicken chorizo. You don’t have to worry about picking your dressing because it is all keto diet friendly except for Vietnamese dressing that contains less fat than others. Found a difficulties in choosing the ingredients? Try our own best seller Keto-friendly meal, which is Keto Bowl! It does looks like you are having a fried rice, but in reality it is a shredded cauliflower nourished with high protein food like kampung eggs and sauteed mushroom with a beneficial garnishment like shredded seaweed, spring onion and cherry tomatoes.

On top of that, knowing the best diet still requires you to have a balance nutrition and choose high fibre food, limit your intake of sugar and salt and stay hydrated. Exercise regularly to support your diet for a better lifestyle. We in La Juiceria Superfoods always work hard in offering great choices for our customer’s diet preferences.

Have a good day & all the best for your Keto-journey!

By : Ahmad Aizat