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Juice of the month(July) : Omega Hydrator



La Juiceria is proudly to introduce you the zesty Omega Hydrator and bringing you a different Raya treat this year. This amazing beverage consists of the top notch superfood stars, chia seed; lemon, and with a twist of sweetness from the wildflower honey to make you a must pick to surprise your family and friends in this Raya.

Omega hydrator is definitely a brilliant option to help you to curb your craving and fulfill your satiety this is because chia seeds are able to absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water, becoming gel-form and expanding in the stomach. This will increase their fullness and stimulate slow absorption of food which help us to reduce extra calories intake. They are also excellent source of fiber which could help to regulate bowel function and maintain a healthy weight. Nevertheless, it also contains high source of Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to reduce inflammation, enhance cognitive performance and reduce high cholesterol. Surprisingly, omega hydrator would be one of the top picks to boost your energy before you go for your workout session. Nevertheless, the refreshing taste of lemon in Omega Hydrator provide you Vitamin C to boost your immunity and quench your thirst during hot day.

Come and drop by at any of your nearest La Juiceria Detox Bar or pre-order online now at to get your craving fixed J


Pistachio Banana Chocolate Fudge

Pistachio Chocolate Fudge

Here comes the fasting month of the year again! Ramadan is around the corner, nervous going into a full fast? We have came up with this recipe for a delicious and decadent appetiser or dessert at the iftar hours!

We are going to share a guilt-free yet rich Pistachio Banana Chocolate Fudge by only using 7 simple ingredients! These little treats are able to store up to 4 weeks in the fridge!

Ingredients (To make 24 pieces)

½ cup coconut oil

2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 medium ripe banana

10 dates, blended

Pistachio , chopped

Pinch of  sea salt

*Amount of pistachio is based on individual preference, if you like nuttier fudge, you may add more nuts or you could even substitute with other nuts such as pecan, walnuts or even cashew nuts. *


  • In a small pot, melt the coconut oil.
  • Sieve the cocoa powder and whisk in while the coconut oil is still warm.
  • Blend the dates, banana, dates and vanilla extract in a food processor.
  • Later, add the chocolate mixture and pinch of salt into the processor and blend until smooth & well combined.
  • Pour into a small parchment lined baking dish, sprinkle the chopped pistachio or nuts of your preference on top and chill them in the refrigerator for at least  2 hours.
  • Cut them into pieces and ready to serve.


MAtcha Parfait

Chia seed is an edible seeds derived from a type of desert plant Salvia Hispanica and they are grown in Mexico. “Chia” means strength, and hence, the Mayan and Aztec cultured often use chia seeds as energy boosters. Although physically they don’t look anything impressive, they are actually fully packed with various nutrients including antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber and even Calcium! Nevertheless, chia seeds also have many benefits including satisfying one’s satiety, lowering cholesterol, helping with weight loss and relieving constipations. Chia seeds can be easily incorporated into your diet. We recommend sprinkling some chia seeds onto your oat porridge, salad, cereals and even baked goods. You could also add few teaspoons into your water or juices daily for extra dose of health benefits!

Hereby, we would like to share a guilt-free Matcha Parfait Recipe with just simple ingredients as below:

For 1 serving

½ cup La Juiceria Matcha Green Tea Latte

1 tablespoon of Chia Seed

½ cup Greek Yoghurt

½ cup Granola

1 tablespoon of Watermelon

5 Goji Berry (for decoration)

Pinch of Matcha Powder (for dusting and deco) – may omit

** The portions provided are not exact because you can layer them based on personal preference, If you like more fruits, feel free to add more. If you prefer more chia pudding, you may add more as well as for yoghurt and granola. **

Soak the chia seed with Matcha Green Tea Latte (you could use other liquids such as coconut milk, soymilk, juices of your choice etc). Stir to combine and stir again every few minutes for next 15 minutes. Later, allow the mixture to sit for at least 30 minutes (or overnight in the fridge). Layer all ingredients into a jar or glass. You may begin with a layer of chia seed pudding, a few spoons of yoghurt, a layer of granola, another layer of chia seed pudding, a layer of watermelon ( or any fruits of your choice). Lastly, add a final layer of yoghurt, decorate with goji berry and dust some Matcha Powder. Then you’re ready to dig into it!

This Matcha Parfait is best within 3 days. Keep refridgerated.

Fruits of Angel – Papaya


Did you know that the papaya is often referred to as the “Fruits of Angel”? Christopher Columbus, an Italian voyager, firstly gave this name due to its deliciously sweet, musky and heavenly taste. Even centuries ago, the Mayans, indigenous people of south eastern Mexico and parts of America used to worship papaya tree and called it as “Tree of life”. This is because the papaya is very useful in many ways. Unripe papaya can be used for making salad; cooking curry and stew while the ripe ones are often being eaten, making smoothies or milkshakes as well as utilized as skin care products.

                If you’re thinking of calories, fret not. Papaya is low in calories (43 kcal per 100g), low in sugar content and has no cholesterol. They are loaded with nutrients especially Vitamin C & A, flavonoids as well as minerals including potassium and folate. Can you imagine that half of a small papaya already contains 150% of daily value of Vitamin C? Thus, it has antioxidant properties to reduce inflammation and improve immunity system. Papaya also contains protein digestive enzyme called papain and rich source of fiber which is responsible for improving our digestive system, skin complexion, reducing the risk of cancer especially colon cancer, wound healing (burned areas) and is helpful to prevent heart diseases.

              However, there are also concerns and misinterpretation of the papaya during women’s pregnancy. We are here to assure you that there’s nothing to be afraid of! Fully ripe papaya does not affect pregnant woman and it even aids constipation, curb morning sickness and stomach cramps. Having said that, unripe papayas, on the other hand, contain latex, which have an adverse effect on pregnant women specifically in causing contractions and maybe even miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to be aware when eating papayas and always remember to eat in moderation.

To wrap it up, we would like to suggest a delicious papaya smoothie made with only five ingredients!

papaya smoothies

 Papaya Smoothie (Serves 2)

3/4 cup (100 g) cubed papaya, plus 1/3 cup (50 g) for decoration

1 tablespoon (15 ml) honey

1 2/3 cups (400 ml) Greek yogurt

1/2 cup spinach

6 ice cubes


Put 3/4 cup (100 g) of papaya, honey, spinach, 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) of the yogurt, and ice cubes into a blender and blend until smooth. Divide the rest of the yogurt between two glasses and carefully fill with the blended smoothie. Top the rest of the reserved papaya cubes over each glass and serve. Then, dig in and enjoy!


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 天使之果 – 木瓜

              您可知道木瓜因它那诱人的甜味与口感,在几百年前被一位著名的意大利航海家,克里斯托弗·哥伦布,称为 “水果天使”? 即使是位于东南部墨西哥的玛雅人也称它为“生命之树”。除了生食,木瓜还有许多的用途。未成熟的木瓜可用于制作沙拉、烹调咖喱或炖汤。熟木瓜可以制作果汁或奶昔,以及护肤产品。

             各位女士大可不必担忧,木瓜含有低热量(每100克43千卡)、低糖、不含胆固醇,并且含维生素C&A,类黄酮以及矿物质钾,包括叶酸。你能想象一小半木瓜中含有日常值150%的维生素C吗?它有助于降低炎症,提高免疫力系统。除此之外,木瓜还含有蛋白质消化酶(木瓜蛋白酶) 及丰富的纤维利于改善消化系统、肤色,降低癌症风险尤其是大肠癌、伤口愈合,尤其是烧伤及预防心脏疾病。


今天,我们在此分享美味可口的木瓜奶昔食谱,只需5 种材料哦! 快而简单!


1 汤匙 (15毫升) 蜜糖

1 2/3 杯 (400 毫升) 优格乳

½ 杯菠菜

6 粒冰块

 首先,将100克的木瓜,蜜糖,菠菜,1 1/4 杯(300 毫升)的优格乳及冰块放入果汁搅拌机然后搅拌至顺滑。把剩下的优格乳分成两杯然后把搅拌好的奶昔倒入杯里。最后,撒上剩下的木瓜在奶昔上面就可饮用。



World Cancer Day 2015


In 2012, there are 14.1 million new cancer cases that occurred globally and they are increasing from time to time. Based on data provided by the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Malaysia in 2013, cancer is one of the top 5 causes of death and in 2014; cancer overtook the heart disease as the no. 1 killer in Malaysia. However, did you know that by modifying your lifestyle, you could reduce the risk of cancer up to 40%?

Make some changes in your life, because nothing is beyond us! We truly believe that by making a tweak to our daily lives, we are able to reduce risk of cancer:


Based on a study reported by University of College London in 2014, by consuming 7 or more portions of fruits and vegetables, our body is more likely to reduce specific risks of death by cancer by 25% compared to 1 or less than 1 portion.

  • Increase consumption of antioxidant rich fruit & vegetables especially Vitamin C, E and carotenoid.
  • Reduce consumption of red meat & processed meat.
  • Limit consumption of refined desserts especially cakes or pastries
  • Reduce consumption of junk food & fast food


Smoking is the most preventable cause for cancer globally. By giving up smoking, 13 types of cancers including larynx (voice box), oesophagus, mouth and pharynx (throat), bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver, stomach, bowel and more could be prevented. For alcohol consumption, women are recommended to consume no more than 1 glass a day while men should limit to 2 glasses per day.


No matter how busy you are, always remember to spare some time for physical activity and maintain a healthy weight. Each healthy individual is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or at least 75 minutes vigorous-intensity physical activity in a week.


Be proactive! Get screening or cancer-related check-ups including health counseling from time to time. Nevertheless, always be aware if there are any abnormal changes in your body and seek for consultation from health care professional as soon as possible.



Whatever your starting point, it is always worth eating more fruit and vegetables. In our study even those eating one to three portions had a significantly lower risk than those eating less than one. “Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, University College London .










根据2014年伦敦大学学院的报道,相比于摄取1 份或以下的蔬果,如果我们吃7份或以上的蔬果, 可减低癌症死亡风险至25%。多吃富含抗氧化的蔬果,包括维生素C和 E 及类胡罗卜素。

  • 少吃加工肉类。
  • 少吃零食及精制甜品尤其是蛋糕和快餐。
  • 2)停止抽烟及减少酒精





要积极主动!获取筛检或癌症相关的检查,包括健康咨询。然而, 如果身体上有任何异常变化,请尽快向医疗专业人士寻求咨询。


”无论您在哪一个起点, 多吃蔬果是利多于弊的。我们的研究显示相较于那些摄取少过一份蔬果的人,摄取一至三份蔬果的人有显著降低疾病的风险。”Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, University College London .







Arrrghhh….. ACNE!

Acne is a common skin condition which is defined as pimples outbreak with high prevalence in young adults during puberty. Don’t panic….acne is treatable, but may result with scar and black spots if not treated early. Though the cause of acne is still not fully understood, there are few possibilities reported such as inflammatory response, imbalance diet and lifestyle, hormonal changes and bacterial infection.  The development of acne starts when pores in the skin are plugged with dead skin cells and excess thick oily substance. When skin pores are overstuffed and some may lead to bacteria infection, inflammation would occur and consequently cause acne outbreak.

Good news ladies and gentlemen!

Many articles have emphasised that nutrients from fruits and vegetables play a vital role in skin clearing of acne. At LA JUICERIA, we ensure that we use natural ingredients in our products, which contain a variation of nutrients especially Vitamin A, C and E, as well as rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant properties in Vitamin A and C are anti-inflammatory that are able to repair skin collagen and connective tissue resulting in healing acne and reduction of acne scarring. Therefore, we would highly recommend to all individuals with acne outbreak to try our juice cleanse between 4 to 10 days. Our juice cleanse offers six types of juices ranging from greens, zest, roots to mylk (non-dairy milk which are nut-based), which provide different benefits that ameliorate the severity of acne and can improve skin health.

But also not to forget…….it is very important to have a balance lifestyle and diet especially getting enough sleep, regular physical activity and have some relaxing times. Lastly, drink plenty of water to flush out toxin in the body and keep your skin hydrated!

“Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.” Juice on!


痤疮是很常见的皮肤状况经常导致青春痘爆发。别紧张, 不是世界末日 , 青春痘是可治的。但是,如果不提早治愈就可能导致疤痕及黑斑。虽然青春痘的病因还未完全理解,但是有许多可能性,例如炎症反应,不平衡的生活方式及饮食习惯,荷尔蒙的变化和细菌感染。痤疮的发展开始于皮肤毛孔堵塞的死皮细胞和多余厚油状物质。当皮肤毛孔软垫,有的可能会导致细菌感染,出现炎症,而引起青春痘爆发。


许多文章都强调水果与蔬菜拥有重要的营养成分助于治愈痤疮。LA JUICERIA含有多元化的营养尤其是维他命A,C及E含丰富抗氧化可修复皮肤的胶原蛋白及结缔组织有助于治疗痤疮及减轻疤痕的几率。我们强烈建议各位尝试4天至10天的果汁排毒计划。我们的排毒计划提供6种类型的果汁,从Greens,Zest,Roots,至 Mylks提供不同的的功效并能改善皮肤的健康。


“让食物变成您的良药,让良药变成您的食物”。今天喝果汁吧 !