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Flat Rate Delivery is Back!

It’s time for you to do some “Spring Cleaning” for your body with pre and post Raya Juice Cleanse! We are now offering Flat Rate Delivery within the Klang Valley areas! Plan your juice cleanse well and let us take care of the delivery part 😉

Terms & Conditions apply:

  1. Promotion Date: 8th June 2017 – 15th June 2017
  2. RM 8 delivery for:
  •  Juice cleanse PROMO, normal cleanse, juice pack
  • RM 8 PER 1 TRIP


  • You purchase 4 days cleanse set, we will deliver all 4 sets  for 1 trip. if you would like to separate for 2 times delivery, kindly make another purchase
  • You purchase 4 quantity ( 2 setx x 4 = 8 sets) of Cleanse PROMO, we will deliver all 8 sets instead of 4 times delivery.

3. RM 8 per trip, so if 2 trip will be RM16

5.  La Juiceria Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to decline the delivery of juices to locations that are not included in the delivery coverage areas

6.  La Juiceria Sdn. Bhd. shall have the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion, and is entitled to withdraw from this promotion at any time at its discretion, without prior notice.

7. Customer warrants that he/she understands all the terms and conditions of this promotion after proceeding to check out and payment.

For more information, please contact:

our customer service via Whatsapp, call or text at 019 275 2038 or 018 223 7755

email us at :

Important* Orders must be at least 2 days in advance (cut off time is at 5pm). For orders received after 5pm, pickup/delivery will be a day after the selected date *

December sales!

Hello December

Hope yo u had a fruitful November and welcoming December with plenty of holiday joy to spread.

I know many people are excited for the upcoming holiday season. December has always been specially anticipated for Christmas, year-end sales, weddings, gatherings and so on. We love December too because….. of BIG sales everywhere!

As for La Juiceria, we believe most of us will be celebrating with parties, gatherings, and gifting family and friends J

We are excited to let you in on this insider announcement that we are having an uber jolly sale on our juices when you purchase online! All juice cleanse and juice pack prices will be dropped to RM50 only!

Wait no more! Seize this opportunity to put a holiday smile on someone’s face!

Cheer up a friend, a loved one or even a team you’ve been working with, with our juices! Let’s create something that brings a smile from ear to ear and brighten up someone’s day. We recommend starting the cleanse as preparation for the New Year or to usher in the ‘New Year, New You’! 😀 Order from 24th – 26th December and choose to pickup/deliver at least 2 days after making payment.

Always remember this quote:

“One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on someone’s face and knowing that you put it there”  😆 

Don’t miss out on this jolly ol’ sale!

Thank you




The terms and condition:


  • The promotion code “LJMY16” is applicable for Original Cleanse and Alternative Cleanse only.
  • 1 FREE Jute Bag in a single receipt.
  • This promotion is only available for self-pick-up at the detox bars located at Sri Hartamas, Empire Subang, Mid Valley L3, Kepong (Mon-Friday, 9am-5pm only), IOI City Mall (Putrajaya) and Nu Sentral.
  • Order period: 16th September 2016 – 24th September 2016 (Order MUST be placed before 5pm everyday)
  • Self-pick-up period: 18th September 2016 onwards
  • Changing of self-pick-up location and date is prohibited.
  • La Juiceria Sdn. Bhd. shall have the right to amend the terms and conditions of this campaign, and is entitled to withdraw from this campaign at any time at its discretion, without prior notice.

Fuel Your Run With Juice

Have you prepare for this long run on this Sunday?

Make sure you have the right food and enough nutrients for the run! We suggest you to have the Love W, Beet Aid, Almond Date Mylk, Almond Mylk or Chocolate Almond Mylk and The Defender (after the race)


Love W- watermelon, apple, beet root

This combination of refreshing fruit that is packed with nutrition and flavor. Each sips has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. It is a great post-run juice to replenish electrolytes and hydration. Our body loses water through perspiration and respiration during exercise. Restoring our fluid balance is essential for our body’s systems. Watermelons have become an icon for summer and picnics, and for good reason as their refreshing and sweet taste help to combat the heat.

Beet aid- carrot, apple, beet, lemon, ginger

Dark red color which is the mixture of all powerful food that soaked with nutrients, help to increase stamina, improves blood flow and blood pressure. Some research shows that beetroot juice also appears to improve athletic performance due to the active ingredient in beet juice is nitrate, which is converted within the body to nitrite and then to nitric oxide. It has been shown to improve muscle oxygenation during exercise and enhance exercise tolerance during long-term endurance exercise.

Almond mylk- almond, alkaline water, wildflower honey, cinnamon

Chocolate almond- cocoa, almond, alkaline water, wildflower honey, cinnamon

Almonds are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. In general, almonds are often related to improve levels of blood lipids and being good for the heart. It is rich in vitamins, and also boosts an impressive dose of bone-building calcium. Not only contain calcium, it contain magnesium and potassium, which help keep your bones strong. They are also a great source of protein. As our muscle is build from protein, it is important component in a runner’s diet. Protein is important for fast recovery after workouts and to ensure our muscles adapt fully in response to your training.  Almonds boost a significant dose of vitamin E, which is important to runners for immune-boosting powers.

Almond dates mylk- dates, almond, cinnamon, alkaline water

Almond Dates Mylk ensures your body maintains energy as it have higher simple sugars and carbohydrates and it is also a good source of potassium. Dates is a natures perfect running fuel. Instead of using commercially prepared energy gels for long runs or during races, some runners use dates as their main energy source. It is well known as energy booster and rich with sugary energy, so that our body is supplied with the most important nutrients which is sugar that is a vital nutrient for the brain cells and nerves to function.

The Defender- turmeric, lemon, wildflower honey, cayenne pepper, ginger

Dr. Minerva Santos, the director of integrative medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York, suggests turmeric as an effective remedy for joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it as an excellent therapy for for swollen and achy joints. The primary compound in turmeric is known as curcumin, have  high levels of nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.  This powershot help to boost our immunity and have anti inflamatory properties. It is also help help to improve stiffness, soreness, and great for overall well-being.

Don’t forget to grab La Juiceria juices as pre and post run!



Weight Management : The Key Towards a Healthy Life

By : Ahmad Aizat

No matter how you look like, either underweight, overweight or obese, you may be prone to a higher risk for certain health problems. Most of it are related with the body weight and your daily diet. The best prevention that we can work on is to maintain a healthy body weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the formula to figure out which category of body weight you belong to. The formula and the classification are simply stated below :


Very high
Less than 18.5
18.5 – 24.9
25.0 – 29.5
More than 30

Since Malaysia is known to be the first place to have high rate of obesityplate within Southeast Asia, it is about time we learn more about weight

Malaysia is well known for its diverse community and every race celebrates their occasion by celebration and eating their traditional dishes. With the amount of good food around us, we eventually spend most of our time eating. But do you really need to consume that much of food at one go? Are you aware of how much your body requires in terms of energy and other nutrients? We have a few tips in order for you to begin your healthy journey in order to achieve a healthy body weight.

1.Know Your Calories Concept.

The calorie concept or energy balance explains one’s weight loss and weight gain. If you take in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you use up more than you take in, you will lose weight. In order for you to maintain a well body weight, the input of the calories must be equal or balance with the caloric output. How to decide which food has higher calories? All food that contains high fat and sugar basically will not make you full easily, but it will contribute much to the energy or calories. To be more conscious on what you eat, always measure and plan your meal portion. To make it simple, always have your vegetables half of the plate and another quarter is set aside for your protein selection like chicken, egg, fish, beef, or tofu and also about 2 scoops of our staple food, rice.

2. Increase Fiber Intake.
The best sources of fiber you can get is through consuming more vegetables and fruits. You can now enjoy your healthy eating or drinking of vegetables and fruits since there is an option to  consume natural cold-pressed juices and super food snacking available to you by La Juiceria. The benefit of fiber is to help reduce cholesterol and glucose levels. It can also improve digestion system by keeping your body full. Fiber also helps in reducing digestive problems like constipation and improving your bowel movement. Furthermore, the one that connects fiber with weight management is the lower calorie content that you can find inside green leafy vegetables. For the rest of food that contain high fiber like wholemeal breads, rolled oat granola and fruits, they will have higher calories but the specialty is that it will make you feel full and help stabilize your glucose level to rise steadily and be consistent.


3, Avoid High Fat and Sugary Food.

High fat and sugar food contain higher calories that will lead to weight gain. These type of food are known to be Malaysians’ favourite food and snacks. Thus please be careful when you consume every teaspoon of sugar, and also control the portion you consume. Food in this category are mostly served in smaller portions like candy, chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes and other choices that sometimes we do not realize that it will actually give you more energy than your body requires. The mistakes that we commonly make is as long as we aren’t feeling full, we keep consuming food until there is no space available inside the stomach. Not only high sugary food, people also don’t realize what they are drinking can be harmful to their bodies as well.  The best way to cut your calories intake and to stay hydrated is to consume plenty of plain water during your meal.  Just a quick tip – plain water is 0 kcal, which will always be zero whether consumed hot, cold or warm.

4. Be Physically Active Everyday

Your daily lifestyle which includes your working, socializing and every basic daily routine would be one of the excuses you give yourself for not making time to exercise. We encourage everyone to include moderate exercises in their daily life for at least 150 minutes per week, that is only 20 minutes per day! Most of your energy physically and mentally is spent during the day, so you can just do light physical activity or low-intensity exercise like aerobic, walking, hiking, planking, and others. However, the intensity of an exercise may play an important part in appetite suppression, the primary factor involved in weight loss is the total exercise accomplished. Thus, low-intensity with long duration exercise is as good as high-intensity with short duration exercise for burning calories.

Here at La Juiceria, we encourage all our customers to consume and drink their juices to help achieve a healthier weight range. Our green juices series especially the Goodness Greens and Cilantro Celery Punch have lower calories and natural sugar content. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals that helps boost most of our body functioning like to get stronger bones, acts as detoxifier, boost immunity, get better digestion and increase muscle strength. You can also try our Gold Glow, one of our Root series that gives you extra anti-inflammation effects with moderate calories.


We understand that some of you might feel that healthy food is boring and tasteless when your choices are limited such as salads, raw and non-processed food.

Healthy food is now a trend everyone is picking up and coming up with a vibrant idea like super food. Super food is the term used to describe an energy and nutrient-dense food that is required in a small portion but it will give you a whole lot of nutrients and anti-oxidant which our bodies need. Most super food are also plant based that contain fiber that can lower your cholesterol level and aid in weight loss. We are proud to be sharing our super food tips and now you can consume a healthy meal at our new Goodness Greens CafĂŠ located in the friendly neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. We serve super food like Granola, Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl, pastas and our best-selling customize your own salad bowls. We hope that by making healthier options available for everyone, we will encourage more Malaysians to pick up the habit of clean eating. Eating clean will definitely aid in weight management and gives you a healthier life span.

Let’s beat diabetes

By: Zalikha Razali

La Juiceria celebrates World Health Day 2016 on April 7th and this year’s theme by the World Health Organisation is Beat Diabetes. Diabetes is pretty common in Malaysia and it is a growing concern.

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy needed for daily life. There are 3 types of diabetes, type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes with the most common diabetes being type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition where sugar levels in your body is high. This condition occurs when the body is not producing enough insulin or there is a disturbance with the insulin production.

What Causes Diabetes?

  1. Food that we eat is digested and converted into sugar as sugar is the main source of energy for our body
  2. The sugar that had been converted will flow into blood vessels
  3. The pancreas produces less or no insulin at all
  4. Therefore, there is no sugar for the body tissue
  5. Sugar will remain in the blood vessels and lead to high blood sugar level


Diabetes mellitus cannot be cured BUT it can and must be controlled by :-

  1. Well Balanced Diet
  2. Regular Exercise
  3. Medications

What are the risk factors?

  1. Genetics
  2. Age
  3. Less physical activity
  4. Unhealthy eating
  5. Overweight/Obese
  6. History of gestational diabetes

Warning Signs of Diabetes

  1. Frequent urination

Normally, the body will reabsorbs glucose as it passes through kidneys. As sugar is high in the blood, the body will produce more urine to remove the sugar from the body and cause more frequent urination with more volume.

  1. Increase thirst

Frequent urination will lead to loose high volume of fluids and the body becomes dehydrated and thirsty.

  1. Weight loss

The body will get energy from the muscles and fats as it does not have the ability to metabolize glucose into energy even when you consume more. This will eventually lead to weight loss. The excess glucose is released in the urine.

  1. Excessive hunger

When the body is unable to use glucose for energy, the body will alert the brain that the body needs energy.

  1. Blurred vision

The fluids level in the body is changing and can make the lenses in the eyes swell up and caused blurred vision (change shape and ability to focus)

  1. Fatigue

This is because the body can’t convert the glucose in the blood for energy.

  1. Areas of darkened skin

It is called acanthosos nigricans and it may be caused of insulin resistance and will lead to diabetes. The area such as armpit, groin and at the back of the neck always been affected.


How to control your blood sugar by maintaining a well-balanced diet?

1 Eat the right amount of food

Carbohydrate is the main source of energy for our body. However, you need to know your carbohydrate portion as carbohydrate will also be converted into sugar after digestion. The elevation of blood sugar depends on the amount of the carbohydrate you consume in your meal. Therefore, the carbohydrate intake should be monitored and controlled to maintain the blood glucose level within the normal range. There are 6 types of carbohydrates:

  • Rice, cereals and cereal products

Example: rice, pasta, bread, oats, biscuits, thosai, chappati, spaghetti, bihun

  • Starchy vegetables

Example: potato, carrot, corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, yam

  • Beans and legumes

Example: red beans, chick peas,

  • Fruits

Example: banana, apple, papaya, orange, guava

  • Dairy products

Example: cheese, yogurt, milk

  • Sugar

Example: brown sugar, honey, coarse sugar, fine sugar, any types of sugar

2. Eat consistently

This is important – Remember to have consistent timing. This is because your liver will have consistent timing to produce insulin.

3. Eat healthy food

Eat a well-balanced meal and choose healthier options. Avoid taking sugary, oily and processed food as it is high in calories and it damages your health. Diabetic patients need to strictly control their sugar intake as the body is unable to metabolize it. Eat in a right amount and portion, we suggest to use the plate method.

Remember to include more vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are high in fibre which has a variety of vitamins, minerals and high in fibre as well. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate (just like sugars and starches). It is not broken down by the human body and it does not contribute to any calories. Fibre helps the body to feel full and that is why fibre have its benefits and it is important to include in the daily diet for diabetics, as well as those who are not. The average person should consume between 20-35 grams of fibre each day.

Malaysia is known for our rich variety of food but we are lacking with our vegetables servings. Therefore, the easiest way to include vegetables in our diet is by drinking. La Juiceria provide the Greens to fulfil your vegetables recommendation per day. For a diabetic patient, we recommend taking Goodness Greens and Cilantro Celery punch as the vegetables and fruits is up to 1 kg with sugar content is 9g and 7g for each bottle. Some people find it hard to eat the average 5-7 serving of vegetables but by drinking cold-pressed juices, you can easily achieve your daily vegetables and fruits serving.

Apart from vegetables intake, as mentioned above, avoid food that is high in fat and salt as both will lead your body to another disease such as cardio vascular disease and hypertension. As an addtional information, La Juiceria also have the Mylk series, Almond Mylk (4g), Chocolate Almond Mylk (6g) and Vanilla Cashew Mylk (4g). All of the mylk series is suitable for the diabetic patient and it contains  vitamins B (riboflavin and niacin) vitamin E, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. Almond is also known as heart-healthy food as it is a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) which may lower the LDL cholesterol. Phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, sitostanol, and campestanol in almond is also associated with cholesterol-lowering properties. Other than that, the Mylk is also helping for maintaining the blood pressure.

4. Exercise

Remember that exercise helps to lower the blood sugar and help to prevent diabetes (for those who is not diagnose with it). The recommended time is at least 20 minutes per day, 3 times per week. If you can exercise longer, it is even better. Be consistent and exercise every week. Exercise gives your body a lot of benefits. It can help to lose weight, lower your blood sugar, increase metabolism and boost the insulin sensitivity which can help to keep the blood sugar within the normal range. Research has shown that exercise and resistance training can help prevent diabetes. Not only for these benefits, remember that it is an important thing to do for our own health benefits.

If a person has higher risk for diabetes such as family history, being overweight, etc, it is important for the person to take precaution to prevent and slower the progression of getting diabetes. It is World Health Day 2016 – “ Beat Diabetes” let’s together, prevent diabetes and control oursugar level! Don’t let diabetes make your body unhappy and weak! Making a few simple changes in your lifestyle now helps you avoid any disease and illness.

Hope that above information helps!

Juice on!

Thank you so much for your time!


Pink ribbon

By: Zalikha Razali

pink-ribbon-300x300Pink ribbon month! Yes! Pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. During this month, we can see many promoter wear pink and promote things that relate with breast cancer because to express and give moral support for women with breast cancer. Breast cancer usually start in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Cells lining the ducts or lobules can grow out of control and develop into cancer. Lobular carcinoma is a breast cancer that begin in the while ductal carcinoma is for the breast cancer that start from the ducts. Breast cancer is commonly in women but men can get it too.

Types of breast cancer:

1. Non-invasive breast cancer

Known as cancer or carcinoma. It is found in the ducts of the breast and has not broken out to outside of the breast. It is still inside its original place. This type of breast cancer is also called “pre-cancerous” because they sometimes can eventually develop to invasive breast cancer.

2. Invasive breast cancer

Invasive cancer has the ability to spread outside of the breast. The abnormal cells can spread to the lymph nodes, and metastasize to other organs such as the bones, liver or lungs. The bloodstream or the lymphatic systems is the ways for the cancer cells to travel to the other parts of the body.

Thickened tissue in the woman’s breast, or a lump is usually the first symptoms of breast cancer. The lumps may not be cancerous but women should see the doctor check the status.

According to the NHS, UK, women who detect any of the following signs or symptoms, please see the doctor immediately.b

  1. Change in the size or shape of one or both breast
  2. Discharged from nipples (clear or bloody fluid)
  3. A pain, lump or swelling in the armpits or breast (that does not seem to be related to menstrual period)
  4. Dimpling or redness of the skin of the breast (like the skin of an orange)
  5. A rash around (or on) one of the nipples
  6. An area of thickened tissue in a breast
  7. The nipple changes in appearance (may become sunken or inverted)
  8. Change in skin color or texture and the nipple skin or skin of the breast may have started to peel, scale or flake.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

  1. Age – Women age 50 years and above (especially after menopause) have the higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  2. Genetics- Women who have close relative that has or had breast or ovarian cancer have the higher chance to get breast cancer.
  3. Being overweight or obese- Experts say that obese menopausal women may have a higher risk of developing cancer because there are higher levels of estrogen in them.
  4. Estrogen exposure – Women who begins period earlier or entered later menopause have been exposed to estrogen for a long time which will have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Estrogen exposure begins when periods start, and drops dramatically during the menopause.
  5. Radiation- X-rays or CT scans in medical procedures that use radiation may slightly increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
  6. Breast density- Other breast tissue have less concentration of breast cells than glandular tissues which contain higher concentration of breast cells. More cells can become cancerous if a women have dense breast tissue which why they may have a higher risk of breast cancer.
  7. History of breast cancer- Compared to women who have no history of the breast cancer, women who previously had breast cancer or non-invasive cancer are more likely to get a breast cancer
  8. Previous benign breast lump- Women who previously have had benign (non-cancerous) breast lump have higher risk to develop cancer later on.

On this pink ribbon campaign, we would like to encourage all of you to express moral support for women with breast cancer, not to lose their faith and remember that all of us are with them and remember that God is always with them.

Thank you 😆


Zalikha  😀

A and C ?

By: Zalikha Razali

“Eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes!” The phrase that usually we heard during the childhood time. We always been told that carrot is good for our eyes! But do they? Yes of course! Carrots and other orange coloured fruits and vegetables do promote eye health and protect our vision. Why? Because they contain a type of Vitamin A which also known as ‘beta retinol-vitamine-acarotene’ that can smoothly function the eyes and retina. What is beta carotene? Beta carotene is a group of red, orange and yellow pigments called carotenoid that give colours in many fruits and vegetables. Generally, they are beneficial for our health and can protect the skin from sun damage. Carrot are rich in Vitamin A. The other fruits that is high in vitamin A are tomatoes, celery, mango and many more.


Vitamin C is always related with orange. You may already know that oranges are the wonderful VitaminC-lettersource of vitamin C but do you truly know the important of vitamin C? Vitamin C provides strong antioxidant protection, defending the skin from damaging free radicals. Free radicles is an unstable molecules that promote premature aging and harm the skin cells. Environmental factors such as pollution, are the most forms of free radical damage that cannot be avoided. That is why vitamin C is good for your skin to look younger and healthier. The example of fruits high in Vitamin C are oranges, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and many more!

Do take fruits and vegetables that have high in Vitamin C and A to get the full benefits!

The benefits of Vitamin A 

  • Maintenance of normal vision and night vision
  • Essential for reproduction and immunity
  • Regulate growth and cell differentiation
  • Act as antioxidant

The benefits of Vitamin C

  • Helps protect cells and keep them healthy
  • Maintain strong and healthy connective tissue
  • Aids in iron absorption
  • Maintain the immune system
  • Act as antioxidant
  • Serves as coenzyme

Oh ya, La Juiceria have the ORANGE POWER and SUMMER ZEST which the ingredients are high with vitamin C and vitamin A. Surely it can give POWER effect on your vision, skin and others as well.


Juice on! 😆



Zalikha  😀

The greens and fruits!

By: Zalikha Razali

Diet that is for health promoting properties is to fruits%20and%20veggies

include fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are the main sources to provide vitamin, minerals, fibres and antioxidant that is important for our health. The recommended serving of fruits and vegetables according to the Malaysia Food Pyramid is 5-7 servings per day. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables are suggested as a source of dietary fibre.

Why we need to consume fruits and vegetables? The benefits are:

  1. Fibres can help reduce constipation
  2. Vitamins and minerals can help reduce the risk of many diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure and cancers
  3. Potassium maintain the fluid and electrolytes in the body and strengthen the function of muscle
  4. Act as anti-aging and prevent cancers as they contain many antioxidant.

Tips on how to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet:

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Make snacks all about fruits and vegetables. Eg: celery and carrot stalks, apple cube
  • Keep a bowl of fresh fruits at your home or on your desk for a healthy snacks
  • Drink fruit, vegetables or mixture of fruit and vegetables juices without added sugar
  • Increase vegetables in your dishes such as in mee goreng or sandwiches
  • Include vegetables and salad or ‘ulam’ during your lunch and dinner every single day


Fruits and vegetables also provide high amounts of ‘heart and weight friendly’ fibre for those who focused on weight loss and heart health. Choosing a colourful variety vegetables is best because it give different benefits according to the colour spectrum.

Ouh, and don’t forget to grab our juices to achieve the serving of fruits and vegetables as recommended to get all the benefits!

Juice on!


Zalikha  😆

Juice of the month(July) : Omega Hydrator



La Juiceria is proudly to introduce you the zesty Omega Hydrator and bringing you a different Raya treat this year. This amazing beverage consists of the top notch superfood stars, chia seed; lemon, and with a twist of sweetness from the wildflower honey to make you a must pick to surprise your family and friends in this Raya.

Omega hydrator is definitely a brilliant option to help you to curb your craving and fulfill your satiety this is because chia seeds are able to absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water, becoming gel-form and expanding in the stomach. This will increase their fullness and stimulate slow absorption of food which help us to reduce extra calories intake. They are also excellent source of fiber which could help to regulate bowel function and maintain a healthy weight. Nevertheless, it also contains high source of Omega-3 fatty acid which helps to reduce inflammation, enhance cognitive performance and reduce high cholesterol. Surprisingly, omega hydrator would be one of the top picks to boost your energy before you go for your workout session. Nevertheless, the refreshing taste of lemon in Omega Hydrator provide you Vitamin C to boost your immunity and quench your thirst during hot day.

Come and drop by at any of your nearest La Juiceria Detox Bar or pre-order online now at to get your craving fixed J