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Healthy Greens Drinks?

By: Zalikha

EDM_Goodness Greens Article-01Green juices have gained popularity for its list of health benefits associated with consumption of greens by drinking or eating. It’s a convenient way to ensure you’re getting all the right benefits to achieve the recommended portions of fruits and vegetables. Many people think green juice comes with a bad taste but it is proven now that green juice can be quite tasty. Our juice of the month for June 2016 is Goodness Greens which is a highly alkalizing green juice and it is a great way to start your day! It will flood your system with essential vitamins and minerals that will help sweep toxins out. Goodness Greens – Our best seller juice from La Juiceria consist of a wonderful combination of 5 vegetables and 3 fruits. It will load you up with important nutrients that our bodies requires to be well-nourished down to the cellular level. Some people find it difficult to achieve the daily recommended fruits and vegetable suggested by the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines.

Book-Green-Leafy-VeggetablesIt is not hard to achieve it by drinking the Goodness Greens as 1 bottle (350ml) is almost equal to 1kg of vegetables and fruits.  As most of us already know, juicing gives the ability to the body to absorb the nutrients, minerals and enzyme from fruits and vegetables as they will go straight into our system without having to be broken down. It is a “pre-digest” it for us. Organic kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley, apple and lemon is a good mixture to be consumed by your body as it gives your body energy, helps your liver to detox, acts as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Recent research by St Andrews University emphasizes that if one increases their fruit and vegetables intake in daily diets, they will receive any health benefits. You will find that your skin tone improves and glows.  Greens is important for overall health from hair growth, body system, acne etc.

Kale and spinach are good sources of calcium & chlorophyll and it is a powerful leafy green vegetable that packs a mean acne-fighting punch. All the vegetables in Goodness Greens, which is incredibly effective for anti-inflammatory food, is an excellent source of nutrition, including vitamins A, C, K, E, B1, B2, B3, calcium, beta-carotene, phosphorous, iron, copper, magnesium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and the carotenoid lutein. Herb like parsley rich in vitamins A and C which helps clear blemishes and maintain an even skin tone, while also cleansing the urinary tract, liver, and kidneys. Vitamin K can improve skin elasticity and speed up the wound-healing process. For those looking for health benefits, healthy skin and to sustain healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families, start drinking your greens today! Get your Goodness Green juice now! 🙂



Juice of the Month (May): Almond mylk

By Zalikha

Howdy everyone!

We are already in May in 2016! As for May, our juice star of the month is our special home-made Almond Mylk.

As mentioned, the benefits of Almond mylk is to promote heart health, aids skin health, anti-cancer and regulates blood pressure  😆 

Almonds are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. In general, almonds, and other nuts and seeds are often related to improving levels of blood lipids and being good for the heart. Many of the nutrients in almonds contributes to increasing your heart’s health. It is high in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), a type of fat which is categorised as healthy fats, which have been associated with reducing the risk of heart diseases.  It is a healthier alternative for our body to receive healthy fats rather taking the trans fats and saturated fats which are mostly found in processed foods. It plays a major role for heat as it can be effective in reducing the bad cholesterol and preserving healthy cholesterol.

Social Media_ Juice of May_3-01In case you didn’t know, almonds are one of the food in the world with the best sources of Vitamin E and said to have the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease due to the antioxidant effect of the vitamin E as well as to the LDL lowering effect (MUFAs). A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2005 suggested that consuming almonds increases vitamin E levels in the plasma, red blood cells and also lowers cholesterol levels. Besides that, it is good for skin health and complexion due to the vitamin E contained in almonds. It also benefits the hair due to its antioxidant properties which promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp. Another important benefit of vitamin E other than the skin, hair, nails and reduce cholesterol, it reduces the risk of developing cancer as Vitamin E is the name for a group of fat soluble antioxidants. How does it reduce the risk of cancer?

Antioxidants will remove free radical (the unstable compounds that damage the cell structure) and when consumed vitamin E, the immunity levels will improve. The vitamin E acts as a protection against toxins such as air pollution, premenstrual syndrome, eye disorders such as cataracts, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

Other than that, almonds are rich in magnesium which may also help to prevent hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart attack. As we know, hypertension can lead to heart attacks, strokes and kidney failures. Almonds can also help maintain the blood pressure. Studies have shown that correcting a magnesium insufficiency can reduce blood pressure.

Since May is widely known as Mother’s Day month, almond is the perfect match for mothers this month especially for lactating mothers as almond is a good source to boost the milk production for breastfeeding. According to research, the serotonin will regulate the milk production in mammalian breast tissue which is the same hormone that acts in the brain to control a person’s mood. The brain will release oxytocin and prolactin which will help to produce the milk. For breastfeeding mothers, we strongly recommend our nut mylks to boost breast milk supply.

For those who are pregnant, nutrients in almond is also good for you. It is recommended to take milks made from natural sources like nuts.  Almonds help reduce birth defects in new born babies as it contains folic acid and it also stimulates healthy cell growth and tissue formation. Usually, doctors will prescribe folic acid supplement to pregnant women to ensure the proper development of babies and to keep the mothers healthy. If you are unsure of what you purchase outside at grocery stores, you can make your own nut milks at home with your own equipment (Hurom / Kuvings Slow Juicers or normal blender).

Whether you purchase from La Juiceria or decide to make your own nut milks, get started on your healthy journey. Add more nuts to your diet and choose natural foods at all times. Juice on!

Almond Mylk_2-01


Almond is a nutritious source of protein, iron, Vitamin E and it contains good fats. Almond base which is essential for pregnant women because of the few reasons below:

  • Protein: helps in the development of muscle mass in growing baby. Also essential for mother to gain enough strength and stamina for oncoming delivery and motherhood
  • Fiber: helps in easy digestion and regulation of bowels because pregnant woman always have constipation at bay
  • Vitamin E: helps in healthy formation of hair and skin of baby and also keeps mother beautiful too
  • Calcium: reduce risk of hypertension and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Important for strong teeth and bone development for baby.
  • Manganese: helps in the formation of strong and healthy bones
  • Magnesium: good for proper formation and function of central nervous system for fetus and helps for mother’s regular bowel movements
  • Riboflavin: helps in cognitive development of baby. Certain amounts of riboflavin will help to reduce adequate energy levels too.

EDM_Juice of May-01

Our very own Youtube video showing how to make your own nutmilks at home:

Thank you and have a good day! 🙂


Juice of the Month (June): Almond Dates Mylk

Benefits Of Almond Dates Mylk

La Juiceria Almond Dates MilkMost people have no idea that Almond mylk is actually full of benefits and nutritions! Although almond mylk is never the same as dairy, it is a great and ideal alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to soy. Almond mylk, which is surprisingly rich & creamy, contains monounsaturated fats, which can help in lowering the Low Lipoprotein Lipid (LDL) or more commonly known as the bad cholesterol in the body.

The benefits of almond mylk are vast, especially for those looking to lose weight.  It has a low caloric value, with a 100ml serving of almond dates mylk, only containing around 80 calories, which has a much lower impact on your daily calorie intake than skim mylk.  It is rich in vitamins, and also boasts an impressive dose of bone-building calcium.

Besides that, almond mylk is also high in fiber.  A glass of almond mylk contains nearly one gram of fiber per 100ml serving, and fiber is important for healthy digestion. One cup also provides nutrients of Vitamins A, D and E, which helps to fulfil the every day recommended daily value. Vitamins A and E act as antioxidants, enhancing immunity and protecting the body’s cells and tissues from damage. In addition, vitamin A is important for healthy eyesight, improves the skin and supports normal growth and development. Vitamin D, on the other hand, helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, and enhances immunity.

La Juiceria’s Almond Dates Mylk is definitely a superior energy booster and rich with sugary energy, so that our body is supplied with the most important nutrients which is sugar that is a vital nutrient for the brain cells and nerves to function. However, does the term ‘sugar’ intimidate you? Well, dont be! We use all natural dates because it provides a natural sweetness that does not spike your blood sugar like regular sugars do. Dates also decreases the great hunger feeling of the fasting person so that one does not go into excessive/ binge food eating post-fast, which can cause digestion disorders.

World Health Day: 7 April | #safefood


Food is our best medicine to achieving better health. We all know that eating healthy food is important however; eating safe food is equally significant for life sustainability.

Did you know there is an estimated 200 million deaths every year caused by the contamination of water and food? Moreover, there are more than 200 diseases that are commonly caused by unsafe foods containing viruses, chemical substances and harmful bacteria. These diseases range from the common diarrhea to lethal cancers. Therefore, it is crucial that we are consuming clean and uncontaminated food to guarantee we are really getting the best out of the food we eat.

Having said that, we highly recommend these 5 simple keys to reduce and avoid all food risks.


  • Check the quality of food ingredients, the expiry date and labels on the packaging before we purchase/consume.


  • Always keep your hands clean when handling & preparing food. Wash your hands with soap before and after the process of making food.
  • Clean all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them raw.
  • Ensure surfaces and kitchen utensils used for food preparation are clean and sanitized.


  • When dealing with raw meat, do not use the same knife or chopping board as your fruits and vegetables. Always wash utensils to separate the raw meat, poultry and seafood from other fresh produce to minimize contamination.


  • Cook food thoroughly especially poultry, seafood and soups. Ensure foods like soups & stews boil up to a temperature of 70˚ Undercooking food is risky as there may still be the presence of harmful bacteria.
  • Watch out from overcooking your food. Highly overcooked or burnt foods can increase the risks of diseases, like cancer.
  • Leftover food should always be reheated to an optimal temperature as well before serving.


  • All cooked food should be stored in the refrigerator if left unfinished. Keep them stored preferably below 5 ˚
  • Cooked food should be refrigerated within 2 hours after preparation
  • Do not store food for too long in the refrigerator. Do not leave them unattended; always look out for food changes with smell, texture, appearance and taste.

Food safe grfx bigger


根据数据显示,平均每年2亿种食物中毒身亡事件发生源于受污染的食物与食水。而且,超过200种疾病是因不安全的食物所带来的病菌以及化学成品所导致的。 而这一些疾病包括最普遍的腹泻,甚至致命的癌症 如胃癌。由此可先,选择卫生不受污染的食物以确保摄取的食物品质受到保障是不可掉以轻心。


  1. 检验
    1. 检验食物的成分,安全服食期,还有食品的标签是不可缺一的步骤之一,尤其是制成品。
  2. 保持卫生清洁
    1. 准备食材前后,都需无时无刻地保持双手清洁干净 以避免食材受到细菌的感染。
  3. 食材分类
    1. 明确的把鲜肉与蔬果以及处理鲜肉与蔬果的器皿分类以避免细菌感染。
  4. 烹制
    1. 任何的食物都需要经过烹制来确保食物的素质。任何食物如汤或炖品之类的食物必须至少在70摄氏或以上的高温处理。 低温处理的食物极有可能成为细菌的温床。
    2. 虽然高温处理的食物比低温处理的食物来的卫生与安全, 可是过度高温烹制,会让食物的营养流失,更提高换上癌症的风险。
    3. 吃剩的食物,在为进食前,必须在适合的温度下再翻热 。
  5. 冷藏
    1. 吃剩的烹制食物,必须冷餐于5摄氏一下的冰箱里以确保细菌无法在超低温的环境下滋长。
    2. 烹制后的食物,必须在两小时之内冷藏。
    3. 任何的冷藏已久食物请勿必清理,经常检查食物的变化如味道,质地,气味等。


  • World Health Organizations (WHO), World Health Day 2015. Available at:

Fruits of Angel – Papaya


Did you know that the papaya is often referred to as the “Fruits of Angel”? Christopher Columbus, an Italian voyager, firstly gave this name due to its deliciously sweet, musky and heavenly taste. Even centuries ago, the Mayans, indigenous people of south eastern Mexico and parts of America used to worship papaya tree and called it as “Tree of life”. This is because the papaya is very useful in many ways. Unripe papaya can be used for making salad; cooking curry and stew while the ripe ones are often being eaten, making smoothies or milkshakes as well as utilized as skin care products.

                If you’re thinking of calories, fret not. Papaya is low in calories (43 kcal per 100g), low in sugar content and has no cholesterol. They are loaded with nutrients especially Vitamin C & A, flavonoids as well as minerals including potassium and folate. Can you imagine that half of a small papaya already contains 150% of daily value of Vitamin C? Thus, it has antioxidant properties to reduce inflammation and improve immunity system. Papaya also contains protein digestive enzyme called papain and rich source of fiber which is responsible for improving our digestive system, skin complexion, reducing the risk of cancer especially colon cancer, wound healing (burned areas) and is helpful to prevent heart diseases.

              However, there are also concerns and misinterpretation of the papaya during women’s pregnancy. We are here to assure you that there’s nothing to be afraid of! Fully ripe papaya does not affect pregnant woman and it even aids constipation, curb morning sickness and stomach cramps. Having said that, unripe papayas, on the other hand, contain latex, which have an adverse effect on pregnant women specifically in causing contractions and maybe even miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to be aware when eating papayas and always remember to eat in moderation.

To wrap it up, we would like to suggest a delicious papaya smoothie made with only five ingredients!

papaya smoothies

 Papaya Smoothie (Serves 2)

3/4 cup (100 g) cubed papaya, plus 1/3 cup (50 g) for decoration

1 tablespoon (15 ml) honey

1 2/3 cups (400 ml) Greek yogurt

1/2 cup spinach

6 ice cubes


Put 3/4 cup (100 g) of papaya, honey, spinach, 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) of the yogurt, and ice cubes into a blender and blend until smooth. Divide the rest of the yogurt between two glasses and carefully fill with the blended smoothie. Top the rest of the reserved papaya cubes over each glass and serve. Then, dig in and enjoy!


  • Medical News Today, ‘What Are The Health Benefits Of Papaya?’ Available at:
  • Adebiyi, Adebowale, P. Ganesan Adaikan, and R. N. V. Prasad. ‘Papaya (Carica Papaya) Consumption Is Unsafe In Pregnancy: Fact Or Fable? Scientific Evaluation Of A Common Belief In Some Parts Of Asia Using A Rat Model’. BJN02 (2002): 199.

 天使之果 – 木瓜

              您可知道木瓜因它那诱人的甜味与口感,在几百年前被一位著名的意大利航海家,克里斯托弗·哥伦布,称为 “水果天使”? 即使是位于东南部墨西哥的玛雅人也称它为“生命之树”。除了生食,木瓜还有许多的用途。未成熟的木瓜可用于制作沙拉、烹调咖喱或炖汤。熟木瓜可以制作果汁或奶昔,以及护肤产品。

             各位女士大可不必担忧,木瓜含有低热量(每100克43千卡)、低糖、不含胆固醇,并且含维生素C&A,类黄酮以及矿物质钾,包括叶酸。你能想象一小半木瓜中含有日常值150%的维生素C吗?它有助于降低炎症,提高免疫力系统。除此之外,木瓜还含有蛋白质消化酶(木瓜蛋白酶) 及丰富的纤维利于改善消化系统、肤色,降低癌症风险尤其是大肠癌、伤口愈合,尤其是烧伤及预防心脏疾病。


今天,我们在此分享美味可口的木瓜奶昔食谱,只需5 种材料哦! 快而简单!


1 汤匙 (15毫升) 蜜糖

1 2/3 杯 (400 毫升) 优格乳

½ 杯菠菜

6 粒冰块

 首先,将100克的木瓜,蜜糖,菠菜,1 1/4 杯(300 毫升)的优格乳及冰块放入果汁搅拌机然后搅拌至顺滑。把剩下的优格乳分成两杯然后把搅拌好的奶昔倒入杯里。最后,撒上剩下的木瓜在奶昔上面就可饮用。



Flourless Choc Chip Almond Cookies Recipe


½ cup blended flaxseed

½ cup almond meal

1 cup rolled oats

2 tbsps. Brown sugar

¼ tsp salt

½ cup almond mylk

3 tbsps. Dark Chocolate Chip


1)   Set the oven at 180 degrees

2)   Mix all the dry ingredients; blended flaxseed, almond pulp, brown sugar and salt in a medium bowl.

3)   Then, pour in almond mylk into the dry ingredients.

4)   Add rolled oats and choc chip and mix well.

5)   Shape the dough in your desired shape and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes and ready to serve.

To watch the recipe video,

Suscribe to more videos:

Love W

Watermelon is considered the best fruit to beat Malaysia’s scorching hot weather. We introduce to you, the newest addition to our cold-pressed family, LOVE W. Curious what’s in it? It’s a perfect blend of delicious watermelon, beet root and apple! This refreshing juice is not only pleasant to the taste buds, but has many health benefits in it as well.

Watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, the carotenoid compound that gives watermelon their red colour. It is one of the important anti-oxidants for our body. A study conducted in South Korea has found that lycopene may benefit heart health by boosting our body’s natural antioxidant defences and protects against DNA damage (1). Lycopene also has cholesterol-lowering properties and blood pressure-lowering effect (2).

Next, all the ladies would want to listen up! Lycopene has anti-aging properties! It is beneficial for the skin as the antioxidants will decrease free radicals from the body and supresses the process of aging effectively. Watermelon acts as a natural moisturizer and keeps the skin glowing and well hydrated. Too good to be true, no?

As for all the men in the house, the benefits are great for men too! Lycopene is proven to enhance prostate health. A Canadian study reported that lycopene plus selenium and vitamin E was effective in inhibiting prostate cancer in mice. Thus the researchers concluded that lycopene is an essential component of the selenium/vitamin E combination in helping to prevent prostate cancer. (3)


For the coming Chinese New Year house-party, here’s a recipe to whip up a special cocktail for your guests! To make our version of a LOVE W mojito, you will need:


1 bottle LOVE W

1 oz Rum (optional)

5 oz Sprite or 7-up soda drink

8-10 Mint leaves

1 oz lime juice

½ cup ice


  1. Add all the ingredients into a jug and mix together.
  2. Pour the juice into 2 glasses. Garnish with mint leaves. Enjoy!



  1. Ji Young Kim. Effects of lycopene supplementation on oxidative stress and markers of endothelial function in healthy men. Atherosclerosis. March 2011. 215(1); 189–195.
  1. Ried K,Fakler P. Protective effect of lycopene on serum cholesterol and blood pressure: Meta-analyses of intervention trials. Epub 2010 Dec 15. 68(4):299-310.
  1. Vasundara Venkateswaran. A Combination of Micronutrients Is Beneficial in Reducing the Incidence of Prostate Cancer and Increasing Survival in the LadyTransgenic Model. Cancer Prev Res May 2009 2; 473


西瓜,是被公认在这炎热天气里最佳的消暑水果。在此推荐我们全新的LOVE W,它采用西瓜、甜菜根及苹果慢磨榨汁而成! 这瓶LOVE W喝起来不止清爽可口,而且还能带来不少的健康好处呢!





在这即将来临的华人新年,来做一些特制饮品给你的客人吧!调制这杯LOVE W mojito,您需要:


1 瓶 LOVE W

1 oz 朗姆酒

5 oz Sprite or 7-up soda 汽水

8-10 薄荷叶

1 oz 青柠檬汁

½ 杯 冰


  1. 准备一个坛子,把所有的材料混合在一起。
  2. 把混合好后的饮料倒去两个玻璃杯中。用薄荷叶做装饰。好好享用!



  1. Ji Young Kim. Effects of lycopene supplementation on oxidative stress and markers of endothelial function in healthy men. Atherosclerosis. March 2011. 215(1); 189–195.
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Diet for Dengue Patient / 骨痛热症病人的饮食

Dengue is the most common emerging viral disease of humans that in recent decades has become a major international public health concern. The hot and humid weather in Malaysia also yield the breeding ground for Aedes aegypti mosquitos.

Patients with dengue fever have to keep hydrated at all times. Malaysian Dietitian Association (MDA) president, Prof Dr Winnie Chee mentioned fluid intake should be at frequent interval to compensate for the loss from urination and sweat for excreting wastes. Other than fluid, calorie and protein intake should be increased by 50% of the daily requirement. Protein is very important in replenishing for protein tissue during fever, the protein food sources including milk, eggs, fish, poultry and legumes. Although a high calorie diet is needed for dengue fever, but avoid fried and oily foods. They need to take readily digestible foods in order to have better absorption, eg. porridge, boiled foods, and green vegetables.

papaya leaf extractResearch also demonstrated that papaya leaf juice can help in recovery from dengue fever, because it induced rapid increase in platelet count in patients with grade one and two dengue fever and the fatal dengue haemorrhagic fever [1].

So, how to prepare papaya leaf juice? It is very simple. You will just need 2 fresh papaya leafs and blend using slow juicer, food processer, or blender. The pure papaya leaf juice has a very bitter taste. Hence, add 1 to 2 teaspoon of honey or other fresh fruit juices to make it more palatable to drink after filtering. Then, take 2 tablespoon of the papaya leaf juice every 6 hours, preferably 3 times a day.

Below are the recommended juices from La Juiceria that are beneficial for dengue patients:

  • Goodness Greens
  • Tropical Greens
  • Celery Cilantro Punch
  • Orange Power
  • Almond Mylk
  • Vanilla Cashew Mylk


1. Soobitha Subenthiran et al. Carica papaya Leaves Juice Significantly Accelerates the Rate of Increase in Platelet Count among Patients with Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.  Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Vol 13; 2013. [Online]. Available from: URL:




骨痛热症病人必须要时时刻刻补充水分。马来西亚饮食治疗师协会主席,Prof Dr Winnie Chee强调喝多水能补充从汗液和尿液流失的水分。不仅如此,骨痛热症病人需要摄取比平时高50%的卡路里 (热量)及蛋白质。蛋白质在补充流失的肌肉或组织扮演重要的一环,蛋白质可从牛奶、蛋、鱼、肉类及豆类摄取。虽然骨痛热症病人需要更高的卡路里饮食,不过避免油炸或油性食物。他们需要较容易消化的食物以便有更好的吸收率,例如粥、蒸过的食物与青菜。

papaya leaf extract

科学研究显示木瓜叶汁能帮助骨痛热症发烧的病人复原,这是因为木瓜叶汁能增加第一级及第二级出血性骨痛热病人的血小板数量 [1]。


以下是推荐给骨痛热症病人的La Juiceria蔬果汁:

  • Goodness Greens
  • Tropical Greens
  • Celery Cilantro Punch
  • Orange Power
  • Almond Mylk
  • Vanilla Cashew Mylk



1. Soobitha Subenthiran et al. Carica papaya Leaves Juice Significantly Accelerates the Rate of Increase in Platelet Count among Patients with Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.  Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Vol 13; 2013. [Online]. Available from: URL:

Lazy Hazy Day Recipe

smoothie-highHazy days are coming back again recently.  Most people experience sneezing, running nose, eye irritation, dry throat and dry cough due to the irritant effect of fine dust particles from haze pollutants on the nose, throat, airways and eyes. Hence, people will choose to stay at indoor instead. Well, while doing some light exercise at home, be it yoga, aerobics or house chores, you can make this smoothie to soothe your nose, throat and lung! This can help to restore your respiratory health in this kind of hazy day.

These are the ingredients you need:

1 medium banana, sliced (may use frozen banana for extra thickness)
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup almond mylk from La Juiceria
1 teaspoon of flaxseeds / chia seeds


  1. In a blender, place all the ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve immediately. Enjoy this yummy and healthy smoothie!

Nutrition facts

Calorie: 210 kcal   Vitamin C: 87 mg
Carbohydrate: 31 g   Vitamin E: 4.3 mg
Protein: 5.6 g   Magnesium: 92 mg
Fat: 9.4 g   Calcium: 97 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids: 4.81 g   Fiber 8.1 g

Source: USDA Nutrient Database


Nutritional benefits:

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, it acts an antioxidant which neutralize the free radicals in our body. It also helps in the reducing the release of histamine, one of the inflammatory chemicals produced by the hyperactive immune cells, and is essential in building a good immune system.

Almond has high in vitamin E content which has been shown to improve lung function significantly. Vitamin E is another antioxidant that works to neutralize free radicals in the body other than vitamin C, hence can improves skin health and prevent aging, cancer.

Magnesium can be found in banana and almond, it is a mineral needed by our body for healthy smooth muscle cells, as it helps relax smooth muscle cells as well as our respiratory tract muscle.

Flaxseed or chia seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, studies show that people who have sufficient intake of omega-3 fats in their diets have much lower incidence of asthma.  Increasing omega-3 intake is shown to improve lung function in asthmatic patients as well.

Cucumber Milk

soymilk-highLooking for a drink that cools you down of the hot weather yet helps to nourishing your skin? Why don’t you try to make cucumber milk at home? You can use almond milk, hazelnut milk, or soy milk. Well, it may sound weird to you for this combination, but it’s surprisingly tasty and refreshing! The cucumber rehydrates your body and gives you most of the vitamins you needed for a day. And the milk that made with almond, hazelnut or soy beans which rich in protein and PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) will smoothen you skin and make your hair shinny.

To make cucumber milk, you just need 2 ingredients, any plant-based milk and cucumber. You can purchase almond mylk, hazelnut mylk or cashew nut mylk from La Juiceria or make soy milk by your own.

Below is the recipe to make unsweetened soy milk.

Ingredients:                                  Equipment:

160 g dry soy beans                     Strainer

1.6 litre water                                Blender or food processor

Large pot


  1. Wash and soak the soy beans overnight. Make sure the beans are soften and bigger in size on the next day.
  2. Grab some soy beans and rubbing them together. The shells will float to the top of water, remove the shells and rinse the soybeans.
  3. Blend the soy beans in batches. Add 1 cup soaked soy beans and 2.5 cup water (600ml) into the blender and blend until the beans completely break down.
  4. Pour the blended soy bean milk over the strainer and set on top of a large pot.
  5. Cook the soy bean milk over medium low heat and bring to a boil, remember to stir from time to time because it can bubble and over flow. Once it boiled, turn to low heat and allow to cook for another 20 minutes. Scoop out the film formed on top of the soy milk.
  6. Once soy milk has cool down to room temperature, it can be stored in the refrigerator.

 Below is the recipe to make cucumber milk.

Ingredients:                                                                                             Equipment:

¾ cup almond mylk, hazelnut mylk or soy bean milk                        Juicer or blender

½ cup cucumber

½ cup melon (optional, to contributes the sweetness)


  1. Place the ingredients listed above into the blender or juicer and blend.
  2. There goes the cucumber milk. Enjoy this glass of healthy, tasty, refreshing and nourishing drink! =)