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The Star WOW Fiesta

La Juiceria Founder and Managing Director – Anabelle Co-Martinent joined The Star WOW Fiesta 2019 on the 16th March 2019 as one of the speakers, sharing her insights on branding, women’s roles. and the formula to success. It was a two-day fiesta in celebration of women in conjunction with International Women’s Day. This Fiesta aims to empower the public to break free from gender stereotyping in hopes of building a #LabelFree culture. #LabelFree Art installations and Insta-worthy spaces will be build in support of spreading the message to remove labelling of women based on their gender.

Read more here: The Star WOW Fiesta article (PDF)

Just Say NO To Straw

La Juiceria has been part of the recycling advocate since 2015. We are always trying our best to reduce the wastes generated from our business. Apart from the monthly recycle campaign, in transitioning to a more environmental friendly detox bars and cafes, all straws, plastic bags, paper napkins and plastic cutlery are only available upon request.

Join our forces in making the Earth a better place. Say no to plastic.