Stay Healthy during the Holidays & 2019!

2018 has come to an end! The best chance to spend time with your family and friends is during the school holidays. As much as we look forward to parties, dinners and holiday trips, many of us are secretly on a guilt trip because we are too conscious about possibly weight gaining. Talking about the holidays and healthy eating, here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy diet during this holiday season.

The first tip is to not skip meal especially your breakfast. When you have an occasion to attend at night, it is not a good idea to save your appetite for the party or dinner as it may result in you overeating. Weight control always works best when you consume the right number of calories recommended for your body in a day. You have less control over the portion of food during the party especially while socialising. It is better to distribute your meal wisely, so that you will be able to control your calorie intake. Research shows that those who consume breakfast have a high tendency to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Additionally, eating breakfast will help to maintain your metabolism level during the day to ensure all food intake is digested well.

Holiday meals are always served in a large portion, from buffet-style, pot luck and generous catering orders that will tempt you to eat more. The second tip to overcome this is to always eat in small portions and only choose the food you really want to try and taste. A common mistake is to eat a large portion of food that is perceived as healthy. Even though you are not to finish the slice of cake, please remember that all nutrient-dense food also has calories that need to be controlled by taking them in moderation. One of the good practices to maintain small portions is to choose the high-fibre food as a starter like salad, wholemeal sandwich, and crackers to fill up the stomach.

     There are many strategies that we can practice in order to control our food intake. To encourage a proper portion size, we can use smaller plates to allow you to put less food each time. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite of the food and before you proceed with another meal, ask yourself whether you are still hungry or not. Salad or any high-fibre food is always the best option for starters and avoid overeating dessert by choosing the most delicious option served than consuming all the selections. Be careful with the colourful sweet drinks on the table as well and have plenty of plain water to increase the satiety with lower calorie.

During your holiday, keep moving by doing as much physical activities as you can.  Any physical activity will help burn the calories and maintain your healthy lifestyle. You can have an evening walk with your family, jogging, hiking or play any sports during the holidays.

La Juiceria wishes Happy New Year 2019 to all our supporting customers as we continue our dream to become the healthiest platform for the community by serving delicious, healthy food and fresh cold-pressed juices. Have a great healthy journey and welcome 2019!