Smoothie Chill-out on Christmas Season : Pink Flamingo X Caramel Avocado

Our new tasteful and nutritious Premium Smoothie is now on board! Introducing Pink Flamingo with a mixture of superfoods from dragon fruit, lychee and honey which has the natural sweetness that fuel us with energy. Dragon fruit are mainly attributed to antioxidants, immune booster, and improve digestive system. The red colour of carotene and lycopene that found in these fruits are powerful antioxidants that have linked to a quality of anti-carcinogenic effects. Dragon fruit is low in calories with rich in vitamins and minerals that able to combat cell damage that lead to inflammation and disease. This powerful fruit also high in fibre that plays a good role in digestion, protecting against heart disease as well as maintaining healthy body weight

Pink Flamingo taste better with a hint of lychee as this small fruit smells so good and blend together with the concentrated of dragon fruit. Lychee also contain natural antioxidant that helps to improve skin health and slow down the aging process. The active minerals found in lychee including magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, folate and manganese are good for blood formation and circulation. The condition of being a good blood flow is when our blood vessels constricted to lower blood pressure that relates to a heart health. Try out our natural antioxidant of Pink Flamingo for the best immunity supplies throughout your day!

The Caramel Avocado is one of top smoothie seller at our stores. There are many benefits behind this creamy and fibrous smoothie that you must try. Avocado is a famous fruit for its good fat content. This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to various dishes due to its good flavour and rich texture. They have a creamy, rich, fatty texture and blend well with other ingredients.

Generally, avocados contain quite a bit of potassium, dietary fibre, and fats. It is loaded with heart-healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MFA). Most of the fat in avocado is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid aka the “good fats” shown to lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol and increase HDL, or “good,” cholesterol, according to the Dairy Council of California.

Here are 10 famous benefits from avocado :

  1. Healthy cholesterol level
  2. Healthy blood pressure
  3. Healthy blood sugar
  4. Cancer protection
  5. Aids digestion
  6. Healthy pregnancy
  7. Healthy heart
  8. Healthy eyes
  9. Healthy brain
  10. Anti-Aging

Our Avocado smoothies are special as we use LOW FAT milk!

Avocados are said to have good source of dietary fiber, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. They are also high in antioxidants, so they also increase antioxidant absorption from other food! Combination of avocado and low fat milk give you a wonderful taste!