Juicing Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers / 给哺乳妈妈的小贴士

breastfeeding           There are some recommended juices for the breastfeeding mothers who need more calories and nutrients to supply breast milk. Breastfeeding mothers need optimal nutrition to promote the health and growth of babies. The list below shows some key ingredients which are beneficial for breastfeeding mothers that are included in our cold-pressed juices.

        1. Beetroot. It offers beta-carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B and vitamin C. Most importantly, it has folate and iron which can help in producing red blood cells.     ***Our juices: Beet Aid, Burdock Beet. beet
              1. Carrot. It contains high beta carotene that is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers as they have higher vitamin A requirement. It also provides extra energy for mothers.     ***Our juices: Orange Power.carrot
            1. Spinach. It is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, iron, Vitamin K, A, and folate.Studies have shown that calcium is drawn out of the bones during pregnancy and lactation, hence calcium is an important mineral for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Other than that, spinach also contain phytoestrogen to promote breast tissue health and induce lactation.        ***Our juices: Goodness Greens, Tropical Greens.                                        Spinach_2337460b
            1. Nuts, especially almond, are considered to be galactagogues, which can help to increase breast milk supply. It is believed to contribute to the sweetness and creaminess of the breast milk too!      ***Our juices: Almond Mylk, Vanilla Cashew Mylk, Chocolate Almond Mylk. nuts

For breastfeeding mothers who are keen in doing juice cleanses or detox, they can take all 6 bottles of juices in a day, and must also consume plant based foods for their usual meals to meet the nutrient requirement.  They can supplement with foods like avocado, bananas or sweet potato  as an example.  Alternatively, breastfeeding mothers also can take juices as a supplement, which means only take 2-3 bottles of juices in a day, preferably before meals for maximum body absorption.

Lastly, we would also recommend new mothers to invest in a Hurom Slow Juicer – to help keep the family healthy all throughout the year. You can make your own healthy vegetable and fruit juices for you and your family.




哺乳妈妈总是需要更高的热量 (卡路里)及营养素来供给宝宝足够的食物。哺乳妈妈需要均衡的营养来确保宝宝的健康与成长。以下列出了La Juiceria 蔬果汁中几种能帮助哺乳妈妈的材料:

  1. 甜菜根。它拥有β-胡萝卜素 (维他命A),维他命B 及维他命C。最重要的是,甜菜根中的叶酸和铁质能助造血。     ***La Juiceria 蔬果汁: Beet Aid, Burdock Beet.beet
  1. 萝卜。它富含对哺乳妈妈有益的β-胡萝卜素,因为哺乳中的妈妈需要更多的维他命A。萝卜叶提供额外的能量给哺乳妈妈。     ***La Juiceria 蔬果汁: Orange Power.                                     carrot
  1. 菠菜,是富含矿物质及维他命的一种蔬菜,如钙质、铁质、维他命K, A 及叶酸。研究显示钙质会从怀孕或哺乳妈妈的骨头中被抽出,因此,钙质对妈妈来说是很重要的矿物质。除此之外,菠菜叶含有植物雌激素,此物质能促进乳腺组织的健康及增进母乳分泌量。     ***La Juiceria 蔬果汁: Goodness Greens, Tropical GreensSpinach_2337460b
  1. 豆类。尤其杏仁是其中一种能促进母乳分泌的豆类。不仅如此,它还能提供母乳顺滑的口感及甜味呢!     ***La Juiceria 蔬果汁: Almond Mylk, Vanilla Cashew Mylk. nuts

若哺乳妈妈欲做La Juiceria的排毒疗程,妈妈们可在一天内饮用我们的6瓶蔬果汁,同时也需进食,不过只能摄取植物性食物来达到哺乳妈妈所需要的营养素。例如,香蕉、番薯、鳄梨。另一方面,若选择不做排毒疗程,哺乳妈妈可尝试喝La Juiceria蔬果汁当做保健品,一天内可饮用2-3瓶蔬果汁,最好是在用餐前饮用来达到对身体最高的吸收率。

最后,我们建议准妈妈投资一架Hurom Slow Juicer,来确保您与您家人的健康。这样,您也可在家自行准备蔬果汁给您与您的家人饮用。