Kuvings = Kuche+Wellbeing, Living. NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutrition-minded consumers. Since 1978, NUC has developed more than 20 “health” appliances including various models of juice extractors, juicers, blenders, yogurt makers, single and multi functional food processors, food dehydrators and soymilk/ soup makers, hand mixers, slow cookers and more. The company markets its small appliances under the brand KUVINGS worldwide. Domestic and overseas customers choose NUC products for its excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling features. With numerous product patents for unique technologies and innovative designs, NUC’s global brand “KUVINGS” is gaining more and more popularity in households wordwide.


The world’s first wide mouth slow juicer, Kuvings’ patented, large 3″ feeding tube can easily accommodate whole produce items, reducing prep and processing time up to 40%. This unique juicer can make a glass of fresh juice in seconds without the drawbacks of high-speed and slow juicers like destroying important enzymes. Compared to other slow juicers, our juicer produces a richer juice, full of more nutrition. Use the included blank strainer to make sorbet, or make smoothies with the smoothie strainer. The juicer comes with the drip-free Smart Cap which is great for mixing juices and rinsing between recipes. The BPA-free components keep juice away from unwanted chemicals found in other juicers and our patented easy cleaning tool makes cleanup a breeze.

  1. Extra large feeding tube for faster, easier juicing.
  2. 240W heavy-duty low-speed motor.
  3. Easy clean-up with included patented cleaning tool.
  4. Convenient Smart Cap provides drip-free operation, juice mixing, and quick rinsing.
  5. Store juice up to 72 hours.