Why do a juice cleanse ?

Juice cleansing is a way to allow your body to naturally go into a detox mode. At the same time flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes. Over time, we accumulate a lot of toxins in our body because of what we eat & how we live. We need to take time to release ourselves of these toxins to regain balance, normalize digestion and metabolism. Find out the benefits of doing a La Juiceria cleanse.


Our juices are raw & unpasteurised. We promise to deliver the most nutritionally potent juice full of enzymes & antioxidants. 

La Juiceria Cleanse Guide


A Cleanse Journal will be provided together with your La Juiceria Cleanse or you can view and download from our website. It will guide you on what to do and give additional information and tips for an effective detox.

We will also provide you Cleanse Checklist, to help you through your day.


If you want to see the sample schedule of how your cleanse will go, please click HERE.


If you have any other inquiries, you can email to our nutritionist team at nutritionist@lajuiceria.com