Toward the healthy hearts!

By: Zalikha Razali

migHeart is a symbol of health and love. However, the leading cause of death in Malaysia is cardiovascular disease (CVD). More than 80% of the death can be avoided by reducing the use of tobacco and alcohol drinking and applying healthy diet and be physically active. “Heart healthy environment” is the theme for the World Heart Day 2015, which basically means the place that we live, work and play should lessen the risk of CVDs. So, how can we create healthy hearts? Of course need to live in a healthy lifestyle. Besides healthy eating, other way is to do cardio exercise. Cardio is a short form of cardiovascular exercise and also known as aerobic exercise. It is an exercise that involves any movement with your heart and will increase your blood circulation throughout the body and gets your heart rate up!  Imagine we are exercising, working up, sweating, breathing hard and our heart is pumping fast. That means our blood is flowing through the bloodstream from the heart to deliver oxygen! As we know, exercise give a lot of benefits to our overall health from helping to reduce our fats and calories and increase our metabolism. Thus, it affectedly reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. Various forms and methods of cardio exercise which will be benefitting are: running, skipping, swimming, walking, aerobics classes, dancing, and other types of cardio which is fun!

It is true that cardio can help to burn off excess calories and fats in the body but it also mends and aid both our emotional health. That is why exercise helps control stress levels in some people who are going through emotional instability.  Other than that, cardio also helps to prevent or reduce the risk of having diseases such as cancers, diabetes, depression, CVD and osteoporosis. It can also reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol as well.

How to start? For starters, you can aim for 30 Workoutminutes of moderate intensity activity at least 5 days a week. Set a reachable goal if you don’t think you can achieve 30 minutes. Then you can gradually build up to 35, 40, 50 minutes or more! You also can make your exercise more challenging such as hiking, kick boxing, air squats and many more! Keep in mind that you want to maintain your exercise routine. So have fun with it! When you’re new to exercise, it’s normal for your muscles to be slightly or mildly sore for the next 48 hours and this will fade as your body adjusts to it. You might be amazed to find what your body will feel when you’re done. But, be careful not to injure yourself! Our juice, Beet Aid can increase your stamina before doing any activities and improves the blood circulation. It is good to take it as a pre-workout as it give more oxygen to the blood for stamina. The Love W, is good for post workout to keep you hydrate and replenish electrolytes. It also improve the blood pressure and improve the performance.

Remember that heart is made from muscle. Its gets stronger and healthier if we engage it in an active lifestyle even if you’ve lead sedentary lifestyle for years. It’s never too late to start exercise and to change your lifestyle and diet! Today is the day you can begin to make changes in your life for a healthier heart! Something done is always better than nothing! Go and find your interest to do any types of cardio! Love your heart, love everyone around you. Have fun and Happy World Heart Day!  😆 




Thank you.


Zalikha  😆