Monthly Recycle Campaign

We are excited to announce that La Juiceria monthly recycle campaign is back with strengthen precautionary measures:

✅ All staff will wear masks and hand gloves.

✅ Hand sanitizer will be prepared on-site. 

✅ Customers to make sure that the recycle bottles are clean thoroughly to prevent spread of bacteria and viruses. 

✅ We encourage customers to count the bottles beforehand.
✅ The recycle campaign hours have been shorten to 9a.m. - 1p.m. as we are observing and constantly monitoring the situation to know the best course of actions. 

Recycle 30 La Juiceria bottles or 50 glass bottles (power shots) and get 1 x RM 12.99 juice vouchers respectively

Date: Every 2nd week of Saturday*

Time: 11:00am – 3:00p.m.**

Venue: Sri Hartamas Detox Bar (No. 2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8)

Terms & Conditions

  • Only La Juiceria’s plastic, clean, capped bottles & glass bottles (power shots) are acceptable
  • La Juiceria reserves the right to reject any bottles that do not meet the requirements for recycling campaign
  • All vouchers given have 3 months validity.

How it works
With every 30 bottles trade in, customer will receive 1 voucher (worth RM12.99)

With every 50 glass bottles (power shots) trade in, customer will receive 1 voucher (worth RM12.99)

We will recycle our bottles to be sent to another company to turn it into a recyclable materials, we DO NOT re-use the bottles to serve juices

Scenario A: Trade in 150 empty bottles, customer will receive 5 vouchers (worth RM12.99)
Scenario B: Trade in 179 empty bottles, customer will still receive 5 vouchers (worth RM12.99)
So on and so forth.

Recycle Campaign Dates:
11th January 2020
8th February 2020
14th March 2020
 11th April 2020
 9th May 2020
 13th June 2020
 11th July 2020
8th August 2020
12th September 2020
10th October 2020
9th November 2020
14th December 2020

Juice on & keep on recycling!

Remember to hashtag #greenwithLJ #recyclecampaign

*Subject to change to the third week of Saturday if public holiday lands on that day

** La Juiceria have the right to revised on the timing of the campaign