La Juiceria Launches Limited Edition Festive Box


Red box_2-01

The best gift is the gift of health. We are happy to announce in this prosperous year, La Juiceria is launching a beautiful festive box to be shared with family and friends. We wish you abundance of health, wealth and happiness this lunar new year.

Paint The Town Red

There is a unique story behind the color red that is a form of protection against a mythical creature. Therefore, our red festive box can be a great addition to your beautiful decorations at home. In addition, our lovely Love W, Beet Aid and Berry Bliss can be beautifully alternate with Gold Glow, Summer Zest and Orange Power to show how you are serious about bringing a bundle of joy to your loved ones. This beautiful packaging can fit 12 standard bottles in with an ice pack in between to ensure the gift is delivered nice and fresh. We also take into consideration about papercuts, therefore our handle for the box is perfectly cushioned with a thick flap that can protect your skin. Now all you have to do is flaunt it!

Reboot & Renew Yourself this Holiday – Give Your Internal Organ a Much Needed Holiday

Your digestive system deserves a timeout, just like you on this festive season. Why? It has been working 365 all year round. We are surrounded by toxicity that we are not even aware of. All bodies – no matter what their intake can reap the benefits of juicing to help assist in the heavy load of work the digestive system does 24 hours a day. By juice cleansing, we can also prepare the body to absorb all the nutrients that we need by detoxifying your body from all natural ingredient. Especially in this 21st century where everything is fast paced, we’re always on the go and sadly, our health can be compromised. Thus, juicing can be a great solution as you can get most of the required micronutrients just by drinking from a bottle. Not only that, it will also be absorbed rapidly-as fast as 15 minutes to your blood stream.

Cleansing gives your overworked digestive system a timeout, giving your system time to repair itself. Water loss, weight loss and a jump-start to your metabolism are some of the benefits of a good juice cleanse. Other advantages to adding the nutrition of fruits and vegetables to your diet are; added energy, clear skin, reduced bloating, restored alkaline levels, healthier and stronger hair and nails and improved immune function.

Before you start a cleanse it is recommended that you eliminate several foods that are normally part of the average American diet. This elimination will help your body to prepare for the cleanse, making your cleanse experience easier and more enjoyable. Foods to eliminate include; refined sugar, processed food, caffeine, dairy, gluten and alcohol from your diet at least 3 days before. After you finish the cleanse it is recommended to stick to a similar diet, slowly re-introducing foods back into your daily routine.

Hurry up and get your festive box for free when you purchase 12 bottles of juices! Here’s an idea: order a 2 days cleanse for only RM 140. However, if you wish to buy the box on its own, the price is RM10 per box. This item is seasonal, so get them now at all our 13 beautiful outlets. May this year bring you abundance of health, wealth and love.

For Online Customers:

Request for your Chinese New Year Festive Box through email or call us at 03- 2035 5911 with the below Terms & Conditions:

  1. With the minimum purchase of 2 days juice cleanse / 2 juice packs.
  2. The request need to be made at least 2 days before the juice delivery.
  3. For order more than 2 days juice cleanse, the festive box will only be sent on the first delivery based on per transaction.