Weight Management : The Key Towards a Healthy Life

By : Ahmad Aizat

No matter how you look like, either underweight, overweight or obese, you may be prone to a higher risk for certain health problems. Most of it are related with the body weight and your daily diet. The best prevention that we can work on is to maintain a healthy body weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the formula to figure out which category of body weight you belong to. The formula and the classification are simply stated below :


Very high
Less than 18.5
18.5 – 24.9
25.0 – 29.5
More than 30

Since Malaysia is known to be the first place to have high rate of obesityplate within Southeast Asia, it is about time we learn more about weight

Malaysia is well known for its diverse community and every race celebrates their occasion by celebration and eating their traditional dishes. With the amount of good food around us, we eventually spend most of our time eating. But do you really need to consume that much of food at one go? Are you aware of how much your body requires in terms of energy and other nutrients? We have a few tips in order for you to begin your healthy journey in order to achieve a healthy body weight.

1.Know Your Calories Concept.

The calorie concept or energy balance explains one’s weight loss and weight gain. If you take in more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you use up more than you take in, you will lose weight. In order for you to maintain a well body weight, the input of the calories must be equal or balance with the caloric output. How to decide which food has higher calories? All food that contains high fat and sugar basically will not make you full easily, but it will contribute much to the energy or calories. To be more conscious on what you eat, always measure and plan your meal portion. To make it simple, always have your vegetables half of the plate and another quarter is set aside for your protein selection like chicken, egg, fish, beef, or tofu and also about 2 scoops of our staple food, rice.

2. Increase Fiber Intake.
The best sources of fiber you can get is through consuming more vegetables and fruits. You can now enjoy your healthy eating or drinking of vegetables and fruits since there is an option to  consume natural cold-pressed juices and super food snacking available to you by La Juiceria. The benefit of fiber is to help reduce cholesterol and glucose levels. It can also improve digestion system by keeping your body full. Fiber also helps in reducing digestive problems like constipation and improving your bowel movement. Furthermore, the one that connects fiber with weight management is the lower calorie content that you can find inside green leafy vegetables. For the rest of food that contain high fiber like wholemeal breads, rolled oat granola and fruits, they will have higher calories but the specialty is that it will make you feel full and help stabilize your glucose level to rise steadily and be consistent.


3, Avoid High Fat and Sugary Food.

High fat and sugar food contain higher calories that will lead to weight gain. These type of food are known to be Malaysians’ favourite food and snacks. Thus please be careful when you consume every teaspoon of sugar, and also control the portion you consume. Food in this category are mostly served in smaller portions like candy, chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes and other choices that sometimes we do not realize that it will actually give you more energy than your body requires. The mistakes that we commonly make is as long as we aren’t feeling full, we keep consuming food until there is no space available inside the stomach. Not only high sugary food, people also don’t realize what they are drinking can be harmful to their bodies as well.  The best way to cut your calories intake and to stay hydrated is to consume plenty of plain water during your meal.  Just a quick tip – plain water is 0 kcal, which will always be zero whether consumed hot, cold or warm.

4. Be Physically Active Everyday

Your daily lifestyle which includes your working, socializing and every basic daily routine would be one of the excuses you give yourself for not making time to exercise. We encourage everyone to include moderate exercises in their daily life for at least 150 minutes per week, that is only 20 minutes per day! Most of your energy physically and mentally is spent during the day, so you can just do light physical activity or low-intensity exercise like aerobic, walking, hiking, planking, and others. However, the intensity of an exercise may play an important part in appetite suppression, the primary factor involved in weight loss is the total exercise accomplished. Thus, low-intensity with long duration exercise is as good as high-intensity with short duration exercise for burning calories.

Here at La Juiceria, we encourage all our customers to consume and drink their juices to help achieve a healthier weight range. Our green juices series especially the Goodness Greens and Cilantro Celery Punch have lower calories and natural sugar content. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals that helps boost most of our body functioning like to get stronger bones, acts as detoxifier, boost immunity, get better digestion and increase muscle strength. You can also try our Gold Glow, one of our Root series that gives you extra anti-inflammation effects with moderate calories.


We understand that some of you might feel that healthy food is boring and tasteless when your choices are limited such as salads, raw and non-processed food.

Healthy food is now a trend everyone is picking up and coming up with a vibrant idea like super food. Super food is the term used to describe an energy and nutrient-dense food that is required in a small portion but it will give you a whole lot of nutrients and anti-oxidant which our bodies need. Most super food are also plant based that contain fiber that can lower your cholesterol level and aid in weight loss. We are proud to be sharing our super food tips and now you can consume a healthy meal at our new Goodness Greens Café located in the friendly neighbourhood of Taman Tun Dr Ismail. We serve super food like Granola, Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl, pastas and our best-selling customize your own salad bowls. We hope that by making healthier options available for everyone, we will encourage more Malaysians to pick up the habit of clean eating. Eating clean will definitely aid in weight management and gives you a healthier life span.