Ramadhan cleanse package

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

During this month of peace, prosperity and blessing, we introduce you La Juiceria Ramadhan Package! The Ramadhan Package consist of 6 bottles per day to give your body the right nutrients throughout this holy month. Here are some suggestions created by our nutritionists to make your cleansing journey smooth during this month.  😆

Recommended Juice Sequence for Ramadhan Package

Sahur:    Goodness Greens + Almond Dates Mylk

Iftar:   Almond Dates Mylk + Beet Aid

Moreh:  Chocolate Almond Mylk + Omega Hydrator

This package can be taken as a meal replacement or as a supplementation drink.


Goodness Greens and Almond Dates Mylk

  • During Sahur time, consume our Goodness Greens, it nourishes your body with packs of vitamins and minerals initiate your body functions while having our  Almond Dates Mylk ensures your body maintains energy throughout the day.


Beet Aid and Almond Dates Mylk

  • We suggest to take Almond Dates Mylk first in order for us to follow the Sunnah. Having our juice together with a glass of plain water to rehydrate your body. After performing Maghrib prayer, you may consume the Beet Aid as your main iftar. This can provide you more energy to do upcoming prayer at night (Tarawikh, Tahajjud, etc) as it can increase your stamina and improve blood circulation.


Chocolate Almond Mylk and Omega Hydrator

  • After prayer (Tarawikh), feed your body with our nutrient-dense juices which is our Chocolate Almond Mylk and Omega Hydrator. As chia seed is high in fiber that will help you to feel full and avoid any food craving. Chocolate Almond Mylk will help to promote better sleep and can also be your sufficient protein sources. It also promotes peace of mind from the active substance of premium cocoa

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan dan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa! Semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih diberkati dari tahun yang sebelumnya.ramadhan5Thank you