The Defender

Spices-Filled October! 


Looking for a drink that better than coffee which can treat lethargy? Well, these  tiny bottle of goodness gives you a “power shot” that provides an awakening effect!

Not only that, the vitamin C in the power shots boosts your immune system and helps fight off colds and flu. It also boost your energy!

Do you know that citrus fruit is one of the anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory foods?

Our ‘The Defender’ uses lemon and cayenne pepper that is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that can help in fighting free radicals. It helps stabilize mast cells to inhibit the manufacture and release of histamine. Cayenne pepper may help in healing cluster headache, due to its pain-relieving properties. If you are the one who wish to lose weight, ‘The Defender’ can help to burn calories and suppress appetite.

Other than that, it can help you relieve allergies, as well as boost metabolism. Turmeric’s is considered as one of the “super foods” as it has remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric ranks 4th highest anti-oxidant rich herb in the world. Enjoy this Power Shot either straight up, or you can add to your juices or hot tea!