Turn your points to juices and merchandises!

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Accumulated plenty of loyalty points but not sure how to utilize them?

Read on, cause we are giving you a list of cold-pressed juices and La Juiceria merchandises that you can redeem by using your loyalty points!

a. La Juiceria Healthy is the New Sexy Jute Bag – 1,500 reward points

Our Healthy is the New Sexy Jute Bag is woven out of processed plant fiber. It is absolutely environmental friendly and stylish at the same time! Priced at RM15 per jute bag.


2. La Juiceria Immunity Pack – 3,000 reward points 

A set of Immunity Pack consists 6 bottles of power shots. You can choose from the combination of The Defender, Vital Shots or Power Cider. Each power shot is 30ml and packed in glass bottle. Priced at RM30.


3. La Juiceria Premium Cooler Bag – 3,500 reward points

This awesome looking Premium Cooler Bag can fit more than 10 bottles of cold-pressed juices. Can be used as a sling or handheld bag, stylish and practical at the same time. Priced at RM35.


4. La Juiceria Juice Cleanse Set – 5,000 reward points

Redeem a set of La Juiceria Juice Cleanse (choose from Original or Alternative juice cleanse set) worth RM70. 1 set of juice cleanse consist 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices, with 2 Greens, 2 Roots, 1 Zest and 1Mylk regime preset by our in-house nutritionists.



You are too far behind from the points listed above? We hear you! Worry not, cause you can now do instant rebate by using your loyalty points!


Terms and Condition:

  1. In order to enjoy the benefits of instant rebate, customers must first register their loyalty card.
  2. The minimum points in a loyalty card must be 100 points, in order to perform instant rebate.
  3. Loyalty card must be presented at all time in order to perform instant rebate.
  4. Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Instant rebate example:

Scenario 1: Customer has 600pts in his/her card and her total bill is RM 36. By using instant rebate, customer gets to enjoy RM 6 off her bill, paying only RM 30.

Tempted with all the benefits that we are offering? Head to the nearest detox bar to make redemption or instant rebate now!

Not sure the updated total point balance in your card? Contact our loyalty team below:

E-mail: loyalty@lajuiceria.com

Contact number: 03-2035 5911


check your point balance at all detox bars or the bottom of your receipt.