Eat well, Live well – A healthy Ramadhan


This holy month of Ramadhan is observed by Muslims for blessings by increasing their prayers and focusing on practicing good deeds. During this divine month, our body also requires the right food to stay healthy as we take care of our spiritual needs. The best diet during the fasting month is to follow tips that focuses on maintaining your energy and keeping your body hydrated throughout the day. Worry-less now and get your healthy food fix this Ramadhan month by visiting our La Juiceria Superfoods Café in Verve Shops Mont Kiara and Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. La Juiceria Superfoods can cater to your healthy food orders by dining in or order online and get your meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Some general tips on healthy eating during the fasting month as listed below: –

Fuel up with energy during Sahur :

  1. Sahur is crucial for loading up energy for your long day during this fasting month.
  2. We encourage taking complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, oats, quinoa and more as it can make us feel full by delaying any gastric symptoms.
  3. Practice a well-balanced diet by increasing your protein intake like chicken, fish, tofu or legumes as the complex structure of protein can extend the digestion process longer.
  4. Keep your body hydrated by having plenty of water and snack on fruits as it also contains the right amount of nourished fluids.

Make the right choice for Breaking Fast :

  1. The best food to break your fast is to have at least 1pc of dates as it is high in sugar, great for immediate energy and a good source of fibre.
  2. Simple and small portion of food to avoid any stomach discomfort.
  3. Eat a well-balanced meal by having half a plate of vegetables with a quarter portion of both carbohydrates and protein.
  4. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of plain water or any soup based food.
  5. Do not overeat as it will make your body uncomfortable which can limit your activity.

A proper eating habit during Moreh :

  1. After Terawikh prayer, we can have light snacks such as kuih-muih, wholemeal bread, crackers or sandwiches.
  2. Limit your intake of heavy food like rice, fried noodles as we do not require that much energy when our bodies goes to sleep.


The only thing that we need during this fasting month is to keep your body well nourished with the right nutrients and stay hydrated throughout the day. La Juiceria Superfoods offers a wide variety of healthy meal options. An example of a well-balanced meal that’s perfect for this Ramadhan is one of our signature dish – the Goddess Bowl. The Goddess Bowl gives your body the right amount of nutrients it needs. Using brown rice as the base because it is one of the best carbohydrate choice as it is high in fibre and has higher glycaemic index. It also helps to make you feel full and to control food intake when you break your fast. This bowl is packed with vegetables that have various phytochemicals, vitamins and mineral content that can perform different function in our body. As we fast, our body still needs the right amount of vitamins and mineral in order to maintain our immunity system and also helps to give your body a healthier glow. Goddess Bowl is also best for those who are Vegetarian as the source of protein comes from tofu and raw cashew nuts. You can simply enjoy clean eating during the fasting month since food served in our café caters to most Malaysians.

During this fasting month, people tend to crave for something sweet and desserts. We created a healthier option that can work as a dessert or a meal itself. Our featured smoothie bowl this Ramadhan is the Pittaya Bowl which is a combination of Dragon Fruits (Pitaya), Banana and our Almond Mylks. This smoothie bowl is created using a lot of superfoods such as  chia seed, bee pollen, grated coconut, granolas for the toppings. Dragon fruit is a good antioxidant and can help fight cancer while banana is high in potassium that can regulate better blood pressure and a good energy source. Fasting month is not about satisfying your hunger but it should be on how we can help ourselves live a better life by practicing some discipline to control food urges. It is also proven that eating healthy gives you a better quality of life and a peaceful mind.

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Let your Ramadhan month be a well-deserved break to your body, mind and soul by opting to eat more healthy food.

Selamat Berpuasa!

By : Ahmad Aizat