Juice of the Month – Premium Smoothies

Premium Smoothies for Juice of the Month 


60 years of Merdeka. Now it’s almost end of the year. It’s already September and this is the month that are full of holidays and holidays are notorious for sugary treats! 😀

Colourful drinks are as fun for kids and adults as the holiday itself. Fruits smoothies can be an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients. Why not give a break to your body and have enjoyment with the flavourful smoothies that we have! Smoothies can be enjoyed by all ages, from young to old. Getting your kids to eat healthy and achieve the serving of fruits and vegetables is not always easy. One of the ways to do this is mixing them all in a blender for a cup of smoothie. Most kids love the taste of a creamy smoothies which is usually naturally sweetened by the fruits. The fruit smoothies require just a blender, a splash of liquid, a dollop of yogurt and some fruits.

Smoothies also provide both soluble and insoluble fibre, because the whole fruit is used in this process. Soluble fibre has many benefits, including moderating blood glucose levels and lowering cholesterol. As for insoluble fibre, it benefits to intestinal health including a reduction in the risk and occurrence of haemorrhoids and constipation. Fruit smoothies typically contain significant amounts of folate, vitamin C and potassium, because fruits are good sources of these nutrients. These smoothies can also provide other essential nutrients for example, protein and calcium from smoothies which contains yogurt or milk.

In the spirit of enjoying our holidays here are 8 tasty smoothies with holiday flair!

  1. Acai Berry – Apple juice, strawberry, acai powder, yogurt frappe
  2. Chocoloco – Milk, banana, cocoa powder, yogurt frappe
  3. Cream & Cookies – Milk, banana, oreo, yogurt frappe
  4. Protein – Milk, banana, strawberry, yogurt frappe
  5. Mangga Millionaire – Mango juice, banana, mango, yogurt frappe
  6. Passionista Mango – Mango juice, passion fruit, mango, yogurt frappe
  7. Royal Matcha – Mango juice, mango, uji matcha, yogurt frappe
  8. Watermelon Slush – Apple juice watermelon lychee, wildflower honey

Energize and rehydrate your body with our flavourful smoothies. You may enjoy all of these flavours and get the benefits at the same time! Make your holidays fun with each flavours! Choose, drink and enjoy!