Benefits of Tea-tox Water

Written by Ahmad Aizat.

Tea-tox water is the combination of brewed flavour tea with a fresh cut fruits infused in it. This tea-tox series is something different with our cold-pressed juices that can rejuvenate your body with right amount of nutrients. Tea are high in antioxidants which are good in disrupt a progression for most of disease. This is because it loaded with bioactive compounds polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins which giving up a function of antioxidants. How does this powerful antioxidant could give a benefit to our body? – It can reduce the formation of free radicals by protecting cells and molecules as those free radicals play a role in aging and certain disease like cancer. For the black tea, it contains a caffeine that are consistently leads to improve a brain function, memory booster and elevates mood. However green tea has very minimum amount of caffeine, it contains more than just caffeine. It contains a good amino acid L-theanine which can provide anti-anxiety effects, increase dopamine for better brain functions and energizing.

Having a tea with infused fresh fruits in it is like having double benefits in a single glass. We used a super-fruit that are highly contain of vitamins and minerals like apple, lemon, orange, watermelon, passionfruit, pineapple and japanese cucumber. These fresh cut fruits will be infused together in the tea to form a detox-like beverage called tea-tox water. In La Juiceria Superjuice Bar, you can easily get your preferred Tea-tox water with 4 different types.


1. Green Teatox: The one and only Green Tea based drink that has a good effect in detoxify our liver and kidney from an excess toxin in our body. It was flavoured by a zesty taste of passionfruit and infused with fresh sliced pineapples, Japanese cucumber, lemon and orange. It is good to enjoy this early in the morning to flush all the toxins before we start our day. It can rehydrate your skin while nourishing your body cells with vitamins.

2. Antea-Oxitox: If you want to enjoy a black tea flavoured drink, you should go for Antea-oxitox where this lemon black tea with a combination of fresh passionfruit give you a hint of sweet and sour. It is one of the best choice if you want a antioxidant drink yet give you a freshness. The fruit selections in this tea can provide you a vitamin C that is good for boosting immunity to stay protected by infections and illnesses.

3. Berry Fit: Get yourself fit with Berry Fit as it contains a super-fruit ingredient like watermelon, apple, japanese cucumber and lemon that helps in replenish electrolytes. This strawberry black tea of tea-tox series are handcrafted and good for improve athletics performance after workout. It provides antioxidant, vitamins A and C which can fixed in your body functions. A hint of sweetness from fructose is enough to keep you energised and relaxing.

4. Peach Blossom: Make your day blooming with our favourite tea-tox series, Peach Blossom! This awesome taste from a peach black tea really give you a sensation of relaxing and mental clarity. All the benefits of watermelon, japanese cucumber, apple and lemon was fused in together with a tea. This brings up a sweet and tangy taste that can quench your thirst with enough amounts of vitamin and mineral. The antioxidant effect from the tea and fresh fruits can do fat burning and cancer fighting as well.

Do find us at Suria KLCC, Sri Hartamas and Avenue K Superjuice Bar to enjoy this light yet powerful detox drinks! You can enjoy this beverage like 2-in-1, where you could munch a sliced fresh fruit in your drinks. This is a good news for those tea-lover out there as we are now expanding a beverage series to serve Malaysians with a tea that have a same effect of detoxifying rather than our signature cold-pressed juices.

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