Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Want to impress your loved one but trying very hard to squeeze your brain juice just so you can outdo yourself every year?  Afraid not! Here’s La Juiceria’s Ultimate V-Day guide, for those who have the budget of below RM100 and those who are willing to spend!

Cut to the chase, scroll down for more juiciness.


1. La Juiceria Jute Bag – RM 15

Our Jute Bag is woven out of processed plant fiber. It is absolutely environmental friendly and stylish at the same time! Priced at RM15 per jute bag.

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2. La Juiceria Immunity Pack – RM 30

A set of Immunity Pack consists 6 bottles of power shots. You can choose from the combination of The Defender and Vital Shot. Each power shot is 30ml and packed in glass bottle. Priced at RM30.

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3. La Juiceria Premium Cooler Bag – RM 35

This awesome looking Premium Cooler Bag can fit more than 10 bottles of cold-pressed juices. Can be used as a sling or handheld bag, stylish and practical at the same time. Priced at RM35.

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4. La Juiceria Juice Cleanse Set – RM 70

Get a Juice Cleanse Set as low as RM70! 1 set of juice cleanse consist 6 bottles of cold-pressed juices, with 2 Greens, 2 Roots, 1 Zest and 1Mylk regime preset by our in-house nutritionists. Choose from Original, Alternative or Customize your own cleanse. Perfect gift of health for your loved ones.

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5. Gift Vouchers (RM 30 – RM 128)

Choosing from a wide range of gift vouchers, whether it’s for Cold-pressed Juices, Power Shots, Superfoods Vouchers or Juice Cleanse Sets, we have it all!

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6. Slow Juicer (RM2,395 – RM2,898)

Ho, Ho, Ho, juice your way to health! Get a slow juicer for your loved ones so they can have access to fresh cold-pressed juices at home everyday!

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Merry Christmas!