Brunch out at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature!

La Juiceria usher in the New Year with a new addition to its Superfoods Cafe family.

Nested in Nadi Bangsar,  a prime location that has easy access to FREE car parks. The contemporary interior design with marble details, greeneries and generous amount of natural sunlight made the cafe highly instagrammable too.

Set the interior design aside, the “pulse” of this cafe is its Superfoods. Let’s take a look at a few highlighted food and beverages that are strongly recommended by the cafe:


Avocado & green peas mash, toasted bread, poached kampung eggs, pesto, cherry tomatoes, feta crumbs, and sesame seeds.

2. Soft Shell Croissant 

Soft Shell crab, Chipotle mayo, pickled cucumber, chicken chorizo crumbs, sunny side up kampung egg, coriander and buttery croissant.

3. Truffle Mexican Omelette 

Mixed bell peppers, toasted mash, toasted sweet corn, kampung eggs, truffle oil, onions, baby spinach, tortilla chips, smashed avocado, seasonal herbs, and cherry tomatoes.

4. French Brioche Toast

Chocolate granola, salted caramel, topped with seasonal fruits

5. Fried Rice Quinoa with add on Chicken Teriyaki 

A local favorite, protein rich & high fiber, packed with essential amino acids. Quinoa, kampung eggs, seasonal herbs, and chopped vegetables.

6. Double Cheese Chili Scrambled Egg

Kampung egg, parmesan & cheddar cheese, chili mayo, chili, spring onions, toasted sweet corn, smoked streaky beef, and charcoal burger bun.

7. Thai Chicken Brekkie


  1. Black Sesame Latte

Black Sesame, Activated charcoal, steamed milk.