Eat Good is a key of Prosperous & Health!

By : Ahmad Aizat

Before Chinese New Year, it is common for people to buy new clothes, do cleaning and decorate house, sweep all the dirt as well as bad luck and receive a new haircut. Apart of it, we believe that maintaining health are getting one of the greatest concern on people nowadays. Being a healthy person worth to gain it from inside and outside. Our healthy lifestyle and in-control diet practise can portrait a good vibe personally. In this prosperous month in Lunar New Year, La Juiceria won’t missed up this great opportunity to serve healthy to all our loyal and lovely customers. Introducing back our very own natural Yee Sang in our La Juiceria Superfoods menu!

Every ingredient that we use are fresh and contain a lot of essentials nutrients from fruits, vegetables and nuts. As a common Yee Sang was known as qicai yusheng (七彩鱼生) which literally means seven-coloured raw fish salad, we are presenting a smoked salmon which contain high in Omega-3 fatty acids that is good for cholesterol control, antioxidants and for heart health. Worry not if you wish to have a fully vegetarian Yee Sang, as we can replace the smoke salmon with seasonal fruits which bring a same antioxidant effects. Every ingredient on a plate of Yee Sang gives a good role in offering a nutritional benefit like you will get healthier skin and immunity booster from mandarin orange, grape and Japanese cucumber. High level of Vitamin C will be so much powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, prevents infections, muscle cramps and is great for the health of your skin. There is also a high fibre ingredient inside the Yee Sang like sweet turnip, sesame seed, carrot and mandarin orange. High fibre food can prevent constipation and to keep your sugar and cholesterol level in good condition throughout the festive month. Chukka wakame is a great addition to our Yee Sang, where is an edible seaweed or kelp that high in calcium, iodine, iron and most of essentials vitamins. This ingredient works well to improve blood circulation, provide better bone health and aids in regulating hormone level in our body. The plum sauce will enhance the natural and freshness of all these ingredients as you can taste its sourness, the crunchiness of certain vegetable and nuts with the sweet flavour of smoked salmon and mandarin orange. It’s a good time to gather with your family and friends while enjoying time and space to be together with a healthy option of celebrations.

Another good news for people of Bangsar and those who reside nearby it, we finally have our own signature café at Nadi Bangsar! If you love Superfoods choices, its time to enjoy eating healthy with a new options and catchy-eyes food presentation at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature Nadi Bangsar. Bring along your family and friends to celebrate New Year there as we are pleased to offer a great food and place for you to celebrate and creating good bonding among your members. A lot of things to offer there like Breakfast & Brunch, Signature Salad, Pasta, Warm Superbowl Rice, Cold-Pressed Juices, Coffee and healthy dessert of Smoothie Bowl. La Juiceria’s Yee Sang also available there with 2 size which is small and large in an affordable price together with another Superfood Café in Goodness Greens (TTDI), The Verve Mont Kiara and Avenue K X-Press. The small size is for 2 to 5 persons with only RM48 and the large size can share around 6 to 10 persons for only RM68. This set available for dine-in, take away and online order! Have a prosperous Lunar New Year and may you have good fortune!


“Loh hey, loh hey” and eat good, feel good!