D.I.Y Meal Kit

The New D.I.Y Meal Kit is a frozen, read-to-eat pack that can be reheated with microwave or in a pot. Convenient, fast and delicious. No fuss of preparing the meal, we do the prep, you be the chef, and we wouldn’t even take any credit for it.

La Juiceria D.I.Y Kit

Choose from Herb Infused Chicken Breast or BBQ Chicken Thigh Fillet, pair with Vertical Farm Instant Lettuce Mix.

Super Saigon D.I.Y Kit

Choose from Australian Beef Pho Soup or Chicken Pho Soup, pair it with your favourite protein and Pho noodle (kuey teow).

Hawker Hall D.I.Y Kit

Choose from your favourite protein, either ayam merah, daging or kambing, and pair it with fragrant, spiced Nasi Briyani and Dhal Curry.

Order the D.I.Y Meal Kits today, available for takeaways or on GrabFood.
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D.I.Y Meal Kits Menu

How to Prep D.I.Y Kit