Super Juice Cleanse

Super Juice Cleanse!

Get 6 bottle of juices and 3 power shot!


to enjoy discount!

95.94 RM 88.00 RM inc SST where applicable

Green #1 *

Zest #2 *

Root #3 *

Green #4 *

Zest #5 *

Root #6 *

Power Shot #1 *

Power Shot #2 *

Power Shot #3 *

Chlorophyll (additional)



  1. This is pre order. All order will need 2 days in advance (cut off time, 5pm). order received after 5pm will proceed 3days. example: person A order cleanse on 1st October at 2pm. The day that she can collect the cleanse is on 3rd October.          Person B order cleanse on 1st October at 6pm. the day she can collect is on 4th October.
  2. There is extra charger to deliver to your doorstep
  3. Our Super Cleanse Set consist of 2 Greens, 2 Zest, 2 Roots and 3 Powershot

Note: if you require more than a longer cleanse, do email us at so that we can customize it for you and explain you the schedule of the cleanse (pick up or chargeable deliveries)