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Acai Smoothie Recipe

Acai Smoothie Recipe  1 banana 5-8 frozen strawberries maple syrup 1 acai bar almond milk Acai Smoothie Recipe

Fruits of Angel – Papaya

Did you know that the papaya is often referred to as the “Fruits of Angel”? Christopher Columbus, an Italian voyager, firstly gave this name due to its deliciously sweet, musky and heavenly taste. Even centuries ago, the Mayans, indigenous people of south eastern Mexico and parts of America used to worship papaya tree and called…

flourless chocolate chip

Flourless Choc Chip Almond Cookies Recipe

Ingredients ½ cup blended flaxseed ½ cup almond meal 1 cup rolled oats 2 tbsps. Brown sugar ¼ tsp salt ½ cup almond mylk 3 tbsps. Dark Chocolate Chip     Directions 1)   Set the oven at 180 degrees 2)   Mix all the dry ingredients; blended flaxseed, almond pulp, brown sugar and salt in a…